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Tiddler is a lovely story about a fish.  Primary 1/2 enjoyed it, getting into the read and respond mood with parts of it. They even linked it to other things.  Through discussion in the book Primary 1/2 thought they could help Miss Skate teach the Tiddler and the class about different types of boats to watch out for. They worked in pairs to draw different types of boats. They are pretty cool, please take a look.

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Soft start with emerging literacy task

We start the day with what we call a soft start activity.  This ties in with emerging literacy and this time we are building towers with Lego. We have a fun activity to start and it helps with our motor skills.

Mrs Inkster times us to see how big our tower with the first go, then we timed again to see if it can be taller on the next turn.  We love it and are always amazed how the tower grows!

Active maths

Part of maths each day is learning through activities or active maths. This can done in many ways.  We are currently learning number at the moment in Primary 1/2. Primary 2 are making a number line to hop along to help with their maths.  Primary 1 are making numbers 1 and 2 with Playdoh.  Then they were making one or two things to go with the number, some of these things were in the book Tiddler by Julia Donaldson.

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