Merry Christmas!

We’ve made it to the last day of term and what a busy term it’s been!  Over the last few weeks, the class have been making lovely cards, decorations and calendars to take home and have been listening to The First Christmas Story so that they know why we celebrate Christmas.  They worked so hard on their part in the Christmas production – we have some very keen singers!!  Well done to all of P1/2!  All that is left to say is that Mrs Henderson and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from P1/2 (Ruben missing from photo)


Christmas Party!

P1/2 and P2/3 enjoyed their Christmas Party this afternoon. We played games, danced and ate lots of yummy food! Everyone was very excited and a great afternoon was had by all.


Our Santa beard is filling up!  It must be getting closer to Christmas! Georgia stuck on her circle this morning on the 15th.  We are also adding to the food bank each day.  Thank you for donations!image

Bucket Filling

As part of our topic on Friendship and with it being the season of goodwill to all, we have decided to become a “Bucket Filling” class.  This works on the idea that we all carry around an invisible bucket and by being a good friend and showing kindness towards others, we can fill their bucket and also our own.  Then we all feel good!  We have been introduced to a story (see link below) and have decorated our own buckets so that we can start to fill them when we give compliments and do good deeds.  Bucket filling can also be brought into the wider school and home so we hope you will feel the benefits there too!  Happy bucket filling!

Gritter Competition Runner Up

One of our P2 pupils has had an exciting morning today!  Roma was a runner up in the “Name A Gritter Competition” and has been to Tingwall Primary School to collect her prize.  Her winning entry “Snow Blaster” won her a sledge, winter hat and a goody bag.  Well done Roma!!