P2 Peer Assessment

Each week, when we do our handwriting lessons, we ask all the children to look carefully at their work and decide how well they felt they achieved what was being asked of them.  This week, P2 worked together to check over the work completed by one of their peers.  This made them work with great care from the outset!  They looked at it together and spoke about what was good about the piece and picked out their best effort!  They then picked out a few letters that could be improved and, most importantly, said why and how this could be better.  They were very complimentary of each other and yet could identify sensible ways to improve! Good work P2.

Alien Invasion in P1/2!

We made aliens today for our soft start activity. Later on we described them to a friend to see if they could draw the aliens without seeing them first. They only had our descriptions to go by! It was quite tricky but everyone did so well!

Starting the Day

This morning, we started the day by adding watercolour paint on to our wax resist, night time sky.  Our pictures will accompany writing we’ll do based on the story, “The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark.” Everybody thoroughly enjoyed seeing the magical stars appear through the paint.  Somebody even said, “I wish we could start everyday like this!”  We look forward to experimenting with more colours as we finish our owl painting.