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Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Today Primary1/2 saw the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s performance with a story about Stanley and Mabel. Stanley is a dog and Mabel is a cat who go to Italy in search of the best orchestra in the world. It turns out that the best orchestra in the world is made up of animals.

Primary1/2 really enjoyed the performance and at various points through the concert clapped their hands or stamped their feet in time to the music.


Tiddler is a lovely story about a fish.  Primary 1/2 enjoyed it, getting into the read and respond mood with parts of it. They even linked it to other things.  Through discussion in the book Primary 1/2 thought they could help Miss Skate teach the Tiddler and the class about different types of boats to watch out for. They worked in pairs to draw different types of boats. They are pretty cool, please take a look.

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