What a fast year!

A PowerPoint was made for Open Afternoon which showed how we all looked on the first day of P1/2 and then we took an up-to-date photo to show how much we’ve grown and changed and the pupils told me about what they felt they had achieved over the year, what they were proud of and what they remembered.  If you didn’t manage to see this on Open Afternoon…here it is!  One more day to go!

Open Day 2017

Looking back at our P1/2 goals

Today we have been looking back at the goals we set at the beginning of the year.  It was good fun to look back at our writing and drawings – especially for P1.  Such a lot has changed over the course of the year and it’s so encouraging to see the growth of all the pupils.  We’ve been updating our progress – thinking about whether we’ve achieved our goals, how we did it and what we still need to work on to get us there.  Look out for this being sent home over the next few days.  Well done P1/2!


What a super sports day!  Primary 1/2 were so well behaved all day and waited very patiently for their turn to run.  When it came to their events, everybody joined in and gave everything they had!  I am so proud of all your achievements and Mrs Henderson would be too!  Thank you to all those who came to support us throughout the day and cheer us on.  We’ll all sleep tonight!

Active Maths

The end of term is fast approaching but we’re still busy working on our Maths.  Some pupils had to work together to choose a starting number and write the following numbers in sequence.  Then they had to work together to find the number that was half way between and mark it in a special way.  That seemed to be the easy part!  There was a lot of discussion and negotiations to be worked through first but we got there in the end.

The rest of the class were working out number problems and after being given a total to make, they had to find a partner who would help them make that total.  They also had to choose the correct plus or minus sign to go with their sums.