Show and Tell

On Tuesday, we had our last group of children sharing something they were proud of.

Yet again, P1/2 have shared a wide variety of things they are proud of and it was really interesting listening to all of the questions our audience had to ask them afterwards.

Scott showed us a model of Titanic that he made with his Dad. He said it was very tricky to make and paint.

Rohan told us that he has been learning how to play chess with his Papa. The class were very interested in how to play the game and Rohan did well to explain the aim of the game and all of the things you can do.

Kirsty told us how proud she was of her Granny’s knitting. She brought in photos of the different items made and we were treated to seeing them in real life too!

Scarlett showed us a little container she got recently which had chocolate inside!

Ella brought in a rosette and cup that she won at a horse riding completion. She loves the “running race” the best!

Show and Tell

We were wowed again this week with the 2nd group of children sharing what they were proud of.

Ruby is proud of her singing and sang a beautiful song for us. She later told me that she was also proud of her writing and showed me some lovely work in her little notebook.

Freya was proud of the scarf she had made for her new toy and Peter brought in some super photos and a map to tell us all about how proud he was of his climb up Bennachie in Aberdeenshire.

Honey brought in a lovely picture that she made of a chameleon using her blow pens. It prompted some super questions from P1/2, asking what a chameleon was and where you would find them.

Andrew brought in a trophy that he won at the Dunrossness Flower Show. Well done Andrew!

P1/2 are proud of you all for sharing these with us.

Earth topic

This term we are looking at Earth in Space. We shared our own ideas first before working out what we wanted to learn about…

If you have anything at home linked to our topic, feel free to bring it in. This week we will be sending home some homework looking at how the moon changes shape over time. It would be great if you were able to help keep a simple record of what the moon looks like each night. A simple recording sheet will be sent home this weekend.

This weekend there will be a lunar eclipse! It will be a red rusty colour! Don’t miss it! For further information check out…

P1 phonics

We have been busy in P1 learning how to put sounds together to build words. It’s great fun trying new ways to do this. Andrew and Logan were listening to rhyming words too which is an important part of learning how to read and write.

Show and Tell

This term we are using themes to help us focus more during Show and Tell sessions. The first theme is ‘Something I am proud of’. Each week a different group of children will take their turn. This week it was Jasmin, Innes, Jessica, Arthur and Alexander G to share something they are proud of.

Jasmin told us how proud she was of her Granny and Grandad. She had photos to share with us and told us all about what she was doing in each one. I was so busy enjoying listening to Jasmin that I completely forgot to get any photos of her! We all enjoyed hearing about what she gets up to with her Granny and Grandad and why she is so proud of them. Well done Jasmin!