Happy Easter!

What a lovely last day of term.  In the morning we finished off any work that needed to be done and enjoyed task time.  We worked hard in Music and enjoyed using the boom whackers to make music.  The afternoon saw us hunting for our Easter baskets…much excitement!!!  😄 Then we listened to music and watched a superb drama sketch at our Spring Concert.  Well done to Leah for her sweet harp playing!

Shape and Symmetry

For our end of term Maths assessment task, the pupils have enjoyed creating robots that have control panels that can be changed.  The first control panel we made had to have a repeated 2D shape pattern.  Some pupils chose to colour the patterns in order too.  The second control panel needed to show symmetry.  This was harder and some pupils took a couple of attempts to get this right.  Symmetry has also been worked on at home  where pupils created symmetrical butterfly patterns and also as our Maths Task this week.  Some great symmetrical patterns were created.  Look at some of the super work that has been completed by P1/2!

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

Mrs Smith our P.E. teacher has been talking to the class about her little niece who has Down’s Syndrome and telling us all about her qualities and what it means to have Down’s Syndrome.  To help raise awareness, Mrs Smith asked staff and pupils if they would help celebrate the day by wearing odd socks!  P1/2 took up the challenge!  Here is a photo of their wonderful array of multi-coloured and mismatched socks!


What a super day!  Beautiful day for our procession and galley burning, happy and enthusiastic bairns, a great school squad ably led by Michaela and a super SMUHA  Jarl Squad.  Not too many photos to share…we just soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed the day!!


Are we ready?

It is nearly here!  The South Mainland Up-Helly-Aa day arrives tomorrow and P1/2 are ready to meet the Vikings!  Our school galley is ready too and we just need some good weather so that we can burn it!  Good luck to the SMUHA squad!  We are looking forward to seeing you….and our P7 Jarl Squad too!

Book Tokens and Share a Story

Your child has brought home their £1 World Book Day token that can be used at the Shetland Times Bookshop or used to buy a book from our next Book Club magazine.

The children were also given home a “Share a Story” sheet that suggests lots of fun ways to encourage reading at home.  Please share any successes with us…we’d love to hear about your reading journeys!  Some achievements have already been celebrated on the Shetland Library Facebook page!

There are lots of reading ideas on the World Book Day website.  Please see the link below.  Happy reading P1/2!

Share a Story

World Book Day

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today and were delighted that Mrs Fiona Henderson could be with us to celebrate too!  Our day started in the Library where we got to change our books.  Then we looked at all the tatties, fruits and stones that pupils decorated as their favourite story characters.  The winners are yet to be announced!  We had a special Assembly where we did a quiz and were handed out our £1 book tokens.  Mrs Henderson read us a story but didn’t tell us the title or show us the cover.  We went back to class to draw and write down our own ideas.  We all enjoyed celebrating the joy of reading!