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This week we have been focusing on Easter.  Mrs Henderson introduced the Easter story earlier in the week and the children sequenced the story to retell it.  They made Easter cards and had the opportunity to choose Easter Tasks during their free time.  Today we spoke about Good Friday and Easter Sunday and how some of the things we do at Easter time are linked to the story.  We were lucky enough to be visited by the Easter Bunny today and were left clues to find our hidden baskets!  We also did a spot of egg rolling to end our day! 🙂

Happy Easter!

What a lovely last day of term.  In the morning we finished off any work that needed to be done and enjoyed task time.  We worked hard in Music and enjoyed using the boom whackers to make music.  The afternoon saw us hunting for our Easter baskets…much excitement!!!  😄 Then we listened to music and watched a superb drama sketch at our Spring Concert.  Well done to Leah for her sweet harp playing!