We have really enjoyed our reading sessions over the past few weeks.  The children have got much better at choosing suitable books and have tried really hard to persevere and sound out tricky words.  They enjoyed reading different types of books…but the Oxford Reading Tree stories were still a firm favourite!  The P1 pupils loved having the chance to spend time reading with their buddies.  They were very patient and supportive.  A huge thank you to our volunteers who came in each week to help us.  You were a great help and we appreciate it!  Happy holidays and….keep on reading!


P1/2 Assembly

Today, we were a little nervous but there was also a lot of excitement as the time for our performance neared! P1/2 put on a brilliant show which included acting out The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, talking about our own experiences of the dark, showing photos of our own constellation shapes and singing and playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  They ALL performed brilliantly!  We missed having Kirsty and Peter with us though.  The class have done so well considering some have missed rehearsals due to illness and others have had to change role at the last minute, or take on extra lines.  Thank you to our families for helping at home and coming to support us on the day.  It means so much to the children and us!   Here are a few snaps from our afternoon!

Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

Thank you to everyone who came to school with their odd socks today.  In the afternoon, we all showed off our footwear and, more importantly, spoke about why we need to raise awareness of this genetic condition.  With the help of watching some Newsround clips and talking together, I hope we helped to spread the message of this year’s campaign…leave no one behind.

Thursday Activities

Today saw P1/2 involved in lots more Viking activities!  In the morning we listened to Stephen Renwick talk to us about Viking life. He told us about Viking clothing, weapons, money and trading and answered lots of our questions.  P1/2 listened so well and answered questions really sensibly.

Then we went to see Esther Renwick who is an archaeologist.  She talked to us about her job and told us about how we “know” about the Vikings.  She showed as a pretend excavation site and how when you go down through the layers, you may come across things from the past, going further back in time the lower you dig.

In the afternoon, we talked about Viking runes and practised writing our names as we would have done years ago.  P1/2 did this with ease!  We wrote our names on foil and made Viking type pendants.


On Monday we began our busy week of Viking activities in preperation for SMUHA on Friday. We made Viking pictures with Mrs Leslie, learned some traditional dance with Maria Leask, made torches, shields and helmets in our classroom. What a busy couple of days it has been! Keep checking our page to see what else P1/2 get up to this week!