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What the ladybird heard

We listened to the story called ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and then we followed it up with ‘What the Ladybird Heard Next’

It got us thinking that we could be quite creative and make some ladybird stones while we were doing outdoor learning.  We had great fun, here are some pictures.  We learned about colours, symmetry, numbers, ladybirds, language and many other things.  All whilst having fun and working with friends.

Outdoor Education

Yesterday, Mrs Tait took advantage of the fine weather to take the children outside to work on science activities.  They explored our nature garden and worked together to find examples of living and non living things.  Back in the classroom, they sorted the examples they had found in different ways and recorded their findings.  What a beautiful day to be outside, exploring and learning in our outdoor, school surroundings!



Last day of term!

We have made it to the last day of term!  Today we have enjoyed listening to Christmas stories in the Library and have caught up on Topic work that was delayed due to our days off with Storm Caroline.  We have enjoyed playing Jingle Bells on instruments in Music time and listened to the older pupils perform for us in the afternoon.  Sadly, lots of pupils have been absent today so were not here to receive their gifts, cards and decorations. They will be waiting for you in the new term.

We would like to take the chance to wish all the children and their families, a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!🎅🏻

Our Senses – Touch

We have been learning about the 5 senses.  With me, they have been looking at our sense of touch.   We measured how far our skin would stretch if you laid it out flat.  The children were fascinated to see how big an area it would cover!  We have been naming parts of our hands and skin and looking closely using magnifying glasses.  We have talked about the “receptors ” under our skin that send messages to our brains to help us make sense of what we are touching.  Very carefully, we tried using paper clips to help us feel which parts of our bodies were more sensitive to touch.  We have tried using just our sense of touch to name hidden objects.

Primary 2 – Afternoon Activities

Primary 2 have been enjoying their quiet afternoons but are looking forward to helping P1 settle into full days next week.  P2 have been reading in groups and working together on alphabet tasks.  They’ve been really keen to start their spelling tests and dictation work … just like P2 last year and have been learning how we need to set this out in our jotters.  They have worked together on practical capacity work in Maths and have been developing their estimation skills.  Topic work has been centred around lessons on Our Body and we’ve been keeping our bodies fit in class PE.