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Soft start with emerging literacy task

We start the day with what we call a soft start activity.  This ties in with emerging literacy and this time we are building towers with Lego. We have a fun activity to start and it helps with our motor skills.

Mrs Inkster times us to see how big our tower with the first go, then we timed again to see if it can be taller on the next turn.  We love it and are always amazed how the tower grows!

Ready to Rock and Roll

We are all set to welcome Primary 1/2 ready for a new school year.  Here are some photos of our breakout space ready for the soft start.  I look forward to hearing all about the summer.

These areas will change frequently as we go with the children and their learning, topics and interests.  Keep your eyes on the blog for updates.

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Chasing those blues away and starting the day with a nice easy task

Soft start activities are important to help ease into the school day.  These help with pre-handwriting skills, strengthening hands, grasp etc and most importantly they are fun.

These type of activities may be going to the Dough Disco, which we do regularly.  That is great fun!  It might also be the ‘Cheerio Challenge’ where the children have to try and thread cheerios onto a skewer in a set time.  Then, they have to try and get faster and improve on this skill.  They love it.  Here are some pictures.

Soft start

We get to have soft start activities in the mornings before we begin any writing.  Sometimes our learning begins outside, sometimes it begins inside.  Here are some photos of us with a soft start activity.  This helps us to build up our fine motor skills and is a pre-handwriting activity.  It helps to strengthen our hands/fingers to help us with our pencil grip, writing etc.  We loved it.  What we had to do was build a tower using lego, but we only had a set amount of time to do it in.  Then we got another go at it, the same amount of time and we had to see if we could get more blocks built on our tower to make it even bigger.

Have a look at the concentration while we were doing it!  It was great fun and we rose to the challenge!