Robot Rumpus!

P1/2 have started to prepare for World Book Day.  We have read and enjoyed “Robot Rumpus!” by S.Taylor and R.Collins.  Today, the children were asked to think about what jobs they would like a robot to help them with.  They named their robots and started to create them using different craft materials.  The next step will be to write about what their robot does for them, to accompany their pictures.  Here are a few photos of our work in progress!



2D Shape

Today small groups have worked around different 2D shape stations.  They were busy playing a shape game with Mrs Sutherland where they had to spot shapes in the environment.  Some had to create and continue repeating patterns and in pairs, they worked on describing shapes for their partner to guess.  The final station asked them to create 2D pictures and patterns on an iPad and count how many of each shape was used.  Everyone enjoyed the Maths session today!

P2 Jolly Grammar Work

Primary 2 have been finding out all about nouns.   They have been taught the Jolly Phonics actions to help them remember proper nouns and common nouns and have been learning that proper nouns need to be written using capital letters.  They got busy taking photos of nouns they could see all around and have been writing labels to be displayed beside them.