P1/2 Assembly

Well done P1/2!  You did such an amazing job preparing for your assembly at school and home.  Thank you to everyone who supported you learning your parts!  Everybody said what big loud voices you used on the day so that everyone could hear what we’ve been learning about.  Thank you to those who came to watch …we hope you enjoyed it.

Outdoor Education

Yesterday, Mrs Tait took advantage of the fine weather to take the children outside to work on science activities.  They explored our nature garden and worked together to find examples of living and non living things.  Back in the classroom, they sorted the examples they had found in different ways and recorded their findings.  What a beautiful day to be outside, exploring and learning in our outdoor, school surroundings!



You are invited!

We hope you have all received your invitation for our learner led event which will take place next Tuesday evening between 6pm and 8pm.  The children are keen to show you around the class and share what they have been working on.   Look out for their pupil self evaluation sheets which has a section for you, their parent/carer, to comment on too.  We look forward to seeing you!

Did you find your invitation?