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This week we have been focusing on Easter.  Mrs Henderson introduced the Easter story earlier in the week and the children sequenced the story to retell it.  They made Easter cards and had the opportunity to choose Easter Tasks during their free time.  Today we spoke about Good Friday and Easter Sunday and how some of the things we do at Easter time are linked to the story.  We were lucky enough to be visited by the Easter Bunny today and were left clues to find our hidden baskets!  We also did a spot of egg rolling to end our day! 🙂

Church of Scotland Visit

A rainy morning didn’t stop us enjoying our visit to our local Church of Scotland!  We spoke about why and how babies are christened and saw the font they use.  We also learned some new names for the things we saw … the pews, lectern and pulpit.  We heard about the history of the church and, after Mrs Leslie’s Assembly, we also looked at Betty Mouat’s resting place.

Dunrossness Baptist Church Visit

As part of our “Around Our School” topic and our Religious and Moral Education studies, we visited one of our local churches.  Reverend Thomson told us all about the history of the church and showed us around all the important parts of the building, including the baptismal pool.  He showed us old photos of how the church used to look inside and spoke about the changes they’d made.  We are looking forward to our next church visit so we can compare the two churches in our local area.