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We had a lovely morning with Mr Rose and the Planetarium. Last term we learned about some constellations as part of our Earth in Space topic, so we jumped at the chance to find out more when we heard Mr Rose was coming in to school.

It was very dark inside but we soon got used to it. Mr Rose told us how all the constellations got their names and how they are linked together in stories.

Well done P1/2 for your excellent listening skills!

Observing Nature

We enjoyed observing all sorts of things in our schoool garden this afternoon. Everyone closely observed the different plants and creatures so that they could draw them. What a pity we can’t draw the sounds and smells of nature too! What a beautiful day to be learning outdoors!

What is it?

Our Topic this term is Then and Now. The children will be comparing their lives with that of their Parents, Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents!  Keep a look out for a letter coming home this week looking for some help with our new Topic!

I asked my own family if they had any items of interest from the past at home that the children could look at. We spent a little while discussing what they were or what they could be used for.  P1/2 had some amazing ideas as to what they could be used for! A body scanner was one of my favourites!

Do you know what they are?!




Play in P1/2

We have been developing lots of new skills in our class recently. Take a peek!


On Monday we began our busy week of Viking activities in preperation for SMUHA on Friday. We made Viking pictures with Mrs Leslie, learned some traditional dance with Maria Leask, made torches, shields and helmets in our classroom. What a busy couple of days it has been! Keep checking our page to see what else P1/2 get up to this week!

Alien Invasion in P1/2!

We made aliens today for our soft start activity. Later on we described them to a friend to see if they could draw the aliens without seeing them first. They only had our descriptions to go by! It was quite tricky but everyone did so well!