Visit from a Doctor

As part of our “Around our School” topic, we have been finding out about jobs in our local area and the types of services they provide. Thank you to everyone who has sent in information about the jobs they do, the children loved finding out about them all and could see how important every single person was in our community.

We were lucky enough to have Dr Anita Graham in to visit our class on Wednesday to share information about the type of work she does. The class all came up with questions prior to her visit and everyone loved getting to try out some of the equipment Dr Graham uses on a day to day basis. Afterwards we shared our thoughts on what we want to be when we are older…a Doctor was by far the most popular choice!

One thought on “Visit from a Doctor”

  1. Excellent! I can imagine some doctors from P1/2.
    Do you know that most of the jobs you will be doing when you are older aren’t even invented yet! We hope that we are helping you develop the skills that you need for the future.

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