Toys from the past

On Tuesday 2nd May we visited the Shetland Museum to learn about toys from the past. Yvonne showed us around and took us on a journey through time, starting with the Vikings. We saw miniature oil lamps which were thought to be used by children in their pretend games, just like children do today when playing with pretend kitchens etc.

We also saw examples of board games with chess like figures, dice and whistles. Most items were made from bone or stone but it was interesting to see that many things are still played with today, just made from different materials.

Then we moved on to seeing what it was like to live in an old croft house in Shetland. Children used small fish bones to make their own toys and pretend games. They also went guising, but wore very different costumes to those worn by children today!

After that we had a look at what life was like for wealthy people in Victorian times. Their toys were expensive and very different to the toys we had just seen!

Time for a quick snack and then we got to explore some toys from more recent times. It was great fun!

Thank you again to our parent helpers who joined us on the day.

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