Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Identifies different materials

States the properties of materials (hard, soft…..)

Recognises different materials and why they have been selected for a task

Selects materials to use in a specific task

Exploring uses of materials
I can recognise a variety of materials and suggest an appropriate material for a specific use

TCH 1-10a

Links to TCH 1-09a

Literacy & English – Listening & Talking – Enjoyment & Choice LIT 1-01a, Creating Texts LIT 1-09a

Science – Materials – Properties & Use of Substances SCN 1-15a

Expressive Arts – Art & Design EXA 1-02a



Through a range of play & activities across my learning I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities across my learning I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities across my learning I can/am able to
Recognise & name everyday materials such as wood, plastic, rubber, metal, stone, ceramic, paper, card, etc. With support, begin to recognise sub-categories of familiar materials such as MDF/composite timber products, metal alloys, silicone & other “new” materials. Expand my knowledge of materials through researching areas of personal or topical interest such as: natural materials, expensive materials, sustainable use of materials, etc.
 Describe some of the properties of these materials e.g. paper is thin, stone is usually heavy, etc. Explore & say why these new materials & technologies might be needed in the world around me e.g. recyclable, cheaper, stronger, longer-lasting, heat resistant, etc. Say what objects around me are made of & describe why I think the materials used were chosen.
Explore the things around me & say whether I think the materials used are suited to the ways they are being used. Share my thoughts & opinions about the materials chosen to make the things around me.

Share my thinking & the reasons for my choices when using materials.

Apply my knowledge of materials & their properties to help me make decisions about how to make things.

Evaluate how effective my choice of materials is when I make things.