Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics



Organiser Early First Second Third Fourth 
Design and constructing models/product I explore ways to design & construct models.

TCH 0-09a

I can design and construct models and explain my solutions.

TCH 1-09a

  I can extend and enhance my design skills to solve problems and can construct models.

TCH 2-09a

I can create solutions in 3D & 2D & can justify the construction/graphic methods & the design features.

TCH 3-09a

I can apply design thinking skills when designing & manufacturing models/products which satisfy the user or client.

TCH 4-09a

Exploring uses of materials  I explore everyday materials in the creation of pictures/models/concepts.

TCH 0-10a

 I can recognise a variety
of materials and suggest
an appropriate material
for a specific use

TCH 1-10a

I can recognise basic properties and uses for a variety of materials and can discuss which ones are most suitable for a given task.

TCH 2-10a

I can explore the properties & performance of materials before justifying the most appropriate material for a task.

TCH 3-10a

I consider the material performance as well as sustainability of materials & apply these to real world tasks.

TCH 4-10a

Representing ideas, concepts and products through a variety of graphic media I explore and discover different ways of representing ideas in imaginative ways.

TCH 0-11a

I can explore and experiment with sketching, manually or digitally, to represent ideas in different learning contexts.

TCH 1-11a

I can use a range of graphic techniques, manually and digitally, to communicate ideas, concepts or products, experimenting with the use of shape, colour and texture to enhance my work.

TCH 2-11a

I can apply a range of graphic techniques & standards when producing images using sketching, drawing & software.

TCH 3-11a

I can extend my use of manual & digital graphic techniques to realise ideas, concepts & products & recognise the importance of real world standards.

TCH 4-11a

Application of Engineering  I explore a variety of products covering a range of engineering disciplines.

TCH 0-12a

 I explore and discover engineering disciplines and can create solutions.

TCH 1-12a

I can extend my knowledge and understanding of engineering disciplines to create solution.

TCH 2-12a

I can apply my knowledge & understanding of engineering disciplines & can develop/build solutions to given tasks.

TCH 3-12a

I can solve problems through the application of engineering principles & can discuss the impact engineering has on the world around me.

TCH 4-12a