Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Food and Textile Demonstrates simple food preparation techniques, for example, peeling, slicing, mixing, spreading


Food and Textile
I enjoy exploring and working with foods in different contexts

TCH 0-04a

Links to Health & Wellbeing – Food & Health – The Food Experience HWB 1-29a, Developing Healthy Choices HWB 1-30a & b, Keeping Safe & Hygienic HWB 1-33a, The Journey of Food HWB 1-35a



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Use an increasing range of simple food preparation skills e.g. grating, mashing & developing bridge & claw holds when slicing soft foods. Demonstrate increasing food preparation skills & techniques with a wider range of utensils e.g. graters, peelers, knives, juicers, mashers & measuring spoons. Apply simple food preparation techniques to prepare an increasing range of meals & snacks e.g. using all utensils proficiently & safely – including simple bridge & claw knife skills.
Use criteria to help me explore possible solutions during problem-solving activities. Explore a few ideas when solving food or textile challenges or problems. Use my knowledge to investigate a problem or challenge against success criteria.

Explore & identify ideas to accurately solve a challenge or problem.