Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Food and Textile Selects and uses resources to make the solution/solve the problem

Assesses solution against original criteria

Food and Textile
I can adapt and improve ideas and can express my own thinking in different ways

TCH 1-04d

Links to: Health & Wellbeing – Food & Health – The Food Experience HWB 1-29a, Developing Healthy Choices HWB 1-30a & b, Keeping Safe & Hygienic HWB 1-33a, The Journey of Food HWB 1-35a



I can/am able to I can/am able to I can/am able to
Identify resources to help me solve problems Carefully select & use resources to solve a problem Select & use appropriate resources to solve a problem
Assess my ideas using success criteria Assess against success criteria with increasing accuracy Accurately assess against original success criteria