Digital Literacy


Organiser Early First Second Third Fourth 
Using Digital Products & Services in a variety of contexts to achieve a purposeful outcome I can explore digital technologies and use what I learn to solve problems and share ideas and thoughts

TCH 0-01a

I can explore  & experiment with digital tecnologies & can use what I learn to support & enhance my learning in different contexts

TCH 1-01a

I can extend & enhance my knowledge of digital technologies to collect, analyse ideas, relevant information & organise these in an appropriate way.

TCH 2-01a

I can explore & use the features of a range of digital technologies, integrated software & online resources to determine the most appropriate to solve problems

TCH 3-01a

I can select & use digital technologies to access, select relevant information & solve real world problems.

TCH 4-01a

Searching, processing and managing information responsibly I can use digital technologies to explore how to search and find informationTCH 0-02a Using digital tecnologies responsibly I can access, retrieve & use information to support, enrich or extend learning in different context

TCH 1-02a

I can use digital technologies to search, access & retrieve information & am aware that not all of this information will be credible.

TCH 2-02a

Having used digital technologies to search, access & retrieve information I can justify my selection in terms of validity, reliability & have an awareness of plagiarism.

TCH 3-02a

I can use digital technologies to process & manage information responsibly & can reference sources accordingly.

TCH 4-02a

Cyber resilience and internet safety I can explore, play and communicate using digital technologies safely and securely

TCH 0-03a

I can extend my knowledge of how to use digital technology to communicate with others & I am aware of ways to keep safe & secure.

TCH 1-03a

I can explore online communities demonstrating an understanding of responsible digital behaviour & I’m aware of how to keep myself safe & secure.

TCH 2-03a

I can keep myself safe & secure in online environments & I am aware of the importance & consequences of doing this for myself & others.

TCH 3-03a

I can explore the impact of cyber-crime for business & industry & the consequences this can have on me.

TCH 4-03a