Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Food and Textile Demonstrates an increasing range of practical skills and cooking techniques for example accurate weighing and measuring, kneading, chopping, baking, grilling
Food and Textile
I am developing dexterity, creativity and confidence when preparing and cooking food

TCH 2-04a

Links to: Health & Wellbeing – Food & Health – The Food Experience HWB 2-29a, Developing Healthy Choices HWB 2-30a, Keeping Safe & Hygienic HWB 2-33a, The Journey of Food HWB 2-35a



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Measure & weigh ingredients accurately when preparing, baking & cooking food e.g. using measuring spoons, jugs, digital & balance scales, following recipes. Apply my practical food preparation, baking & cooking skills with increasing dexterity & confidence. Prepare & cook food with dexterity & confidence & begin to creatively adapt recipes & idea.