Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Sketches geometric shapes to create objects.

Produces sketches to communicate ideas that include pattern and texture

Draws geometric shapes accurately.

Sketches 2D and 3D drawings of objects

Describes primary and secondary colours and the moods/feeling associated with each.

Demonstrates planning for a targeted audience when creating a graphic display

Representing ideas, concepts and products through a variety of graphic media
I can use a range of graphic techniques, manually and digitally, to communicate ideas, concepts or products, experimenting with the use of shape, colour and texture to enhance my work

TCH 2-11a

Links to: TCH 2-09a & TCH 2-10a

Expressive Arts – Art & Design EXA 2-02a & EXA 2-03a

Numeracy & Maths – Shape, Position & Movement – Properties of 2 D shapes & 3 D Objects MTH 2-16a, b & c, Angles, Symmetry & Transformation MTH 2-19a



Through a variety of experiences across my learning, I can/am able to Through a variety of experiences across my learning, I can/am able to Through a variety of experiences across my learning, I can/am able to
Draw geometric shapes with increasing accuracy i.e. using manual & digital tools with increasing skill & dexterity. Use tone & colour to create the illusion of light, space & form when drawing 3 D objects. Use manual and/or digital methods to represent 3 dimensional shapes & spaces using single-point perspective drawing techniques.
Use a range of drawing tools to explore the  properties of line, tone, shape, pattern & texture e.g. light & dark pencils, different pens & software effects. With support, begin to represent 3 dimensional shapes & spaces using simple single-point perspective drawing techniques and/or digital software & applications. Draw accurate geometric shapes

Represent 2 D & 3D shapes in my design work.

Use a range of graphic techniques to plan & share my ideas for a specific design challenge. Explore & use primary & secondary colours to create mood in a design or product, or to appeal to the feelings of a targeted audience e.g. design a breakfast cereal box which helps people feel awake & happy. Produce designs & drawings which show that i have selected colours, lines, patterns & textures for a targeted audience.
Design a product or ideas for a specific customer(s). Explore & use manual & digital methods of adding pattern & texture to designs for a targeted audience. Describe how I can use primary & secondary colours within my sketches & designs to appeal to the mood or feelings of an audience.