Technological Developments in Society and Business


Organiser Early First Second Third Fourth 
Awareness of technological developments (Past, Present and Future), including how they work  I enjoy playing with and exploring technologies to discover what they can do and how they can help us.

TCH 0-05a

 I can explore the latest technologies and consider the ways in which they
have developed.

TCH 1-05

I can investigate how product design & development have been influenced by changing lifestyles.

TCH 2-05a

I understand how scientific & technological developments have contribute to changes in everyday products.

TCH 3-05a

I can analyse products taking into consideration sustainability, scientific & technological developments.

TCH 4-05A

Impact, contribution, and relationship of technologies on business, the economy, politics, and the environment.  To help care for the environment, I reduce, re-use and recycle the resources I use.

TCH 0-06a

 I can take appropriate action to ensure conservation of materials and resources, considering the impact of my actions on the environment.

TCH 1-06a

 I can analyse how lifestyles can impact on the environment and Earth’s resources and can make suggestions about how to live in a more sustainable way.

TCH 2-06a

I can evaluate the implications for individuals & socieiteis of the ethical issues arising from technological developments..

TCH 3-06a

I can examine a range of materials, processes or designs in my local community to consider their environmental, social & economic impact.

TCH 4-06a

 I understand how local shops and services use technologies to provide us with what we need and want in our daily lives.

TCH 0-07a

I understand how technologies help provide for our needs and wants, and how they can affect the environment in which we live.

TCH 1-07a

 I can make suggestions as to how individuals and organisations may use technologies to support sustainability and reduce the impact on our environment.

TCH 2-07a

I can identify the costs & benefits of using technologies to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment & business.

TCH 3-07a

I can explore the impact, contribution & use of various software applications & emerging hardware in business.

TCH 3-08a

I can present conclusions about the impact of technologies on the economy, politics & the environment.

TCH 4-07a

I can present conclusions about the impact of technologies on the economy, politics & the environment.

TCH 4-08a