Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Uses tools and equipment in order to carry out a task safely

Uses a range of methods to join and strengthen materials.

Estimates and then measures accurately using appropriate units and tools.

Creates a range of ideas and chooses a suitable solution

Evaluates solutions and explains why they are or are not suitable

Design and constructing models/product
I can extend and enhance my design skills to solve problems and can construct models

TCH 2-09a

Links to: TCH 2-10a & TCH 2-11a

Numeracy & Maths – Number, Money, Measure – Measurement MNU 2-11a & b

Expressive Arts – Art & Design EXA 2-06a & EXA 2-07a



Through a range of tasks & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of tasks & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of tasks & activities, I can/am able to
Follow instructions to use new tools & construction equipment correctly & safely e.g. rulers, vices/clamps, cutting knives, glue guns. Use tools & build my products safely & with increasing care & skill. Routinely demonstrate safe practices with tools & equipment when carrying out construction tasks.
Explore & demonstrate how to join or change materials to build strong models & solutions e.g. folding & scoring paper & card, adding struts & supports to constructions, etc. Apply my knowledge of joining & strengthening methods when building things from a range of materials.
Estimate and/or measure with some accuracy using appropriate units when I solve problems & construct models. Use rulers, tape measures & other methods of estimating & making increasingly accurate measurements during planning & construction of design solutions. Estimate sizes & quantities appropriately & measure accurately in centimetres & millimetres when constructing models.
Routinely create more than one potential idea to meet a design challenge so that I can consider & justify my best solution. Make evaluative comments about my own processes & design solutions & those of others. Analyse & talk about my design ideas & solutions (& those of others) & evaluate my successes & potential improvements.