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This site is a planning and support hub for Technologies which is designed to be used alongside Falkirk Council Children’s Services Progression Pathways (log in to Glow then click here to view these documents).

The pages of the pathways documents are hyperlinked to this blog, but you can also browse within the Technologies organisers above to home in on resources. Each Organiser page has resources and links which support planning of learning for each of its Experiences and Outcomes.

Please get in touch with Malcolm Wilson or Yvonne McBlain if you have any queries regarding this blog, or if you have additional resources which can be added to support practitioners across our service.

Thanks are accorded to the group of practitioners from Falkirk schools who worked with Yvonne McBlain in sessions 2018-20 to develop the digital literacy and computing science organisers of the progression planners:

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Stacy Black – St Patrick’s RC Primary School​
Jackie Campbell – St Mungo’s RC High School
Jonathan Crawford – Wallacestone Primary School
Jane Crerar – Dunipace Primary School
Lorraine Glasgow – Kinneil Primary School​
David Hedley – Denny Primary School​
Caroline Mein – St Mary’s RC Primary School​
Fiona Morrison – Wallacestone Primary School
Anne Patterson – Braes High School