Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Technological Developments in Society and Business Demonstrates an understanding of how technologies, by meeting our needs and wants,
affect the environment in which we live.
Impact, contribution, and relationship of technologies on business, politics, and the environment
I understand how technologies help provide for our needs and wants, and how they can affect the environment in which we live.

TCH 1-07a

Links to: Social Studies – People, Place & Environment SOC 1-08a, SOC 1-09a, SOC 1-11a, SOC 1-12a & 12b, SOC 1-13a & b, People in Society, Economy & Business SOC 1-16a & SOC 1-20a





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Describe how the people working in local services use technologies to provide what we need e.g. water, waste disposal, emergency help or support.

Give examples of how a broader range of local shops & businesses provide us with the things we want & need e.g. How does a local business make its products? What technology is part of a trip to the cinema or having a meal out?

Explore an expanding range of ways in which our wants & needs are met by technologies e.g. how & where does our food come from, how does it get to our shops/homes; how does where we go on holiday affect the environment? Say which technologies are used by organisations & businesses in my local area & comment on how these affect our environment.