Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Builds models using different materials e.g. junk modelling, wooden blocks

Uses tools and materials (paper, card, wood, plastic) to create models

Design and construct models/product
I explore ways to design and construct models

TCH 0-09a

Links to: TCH 0-10a 

Numeracy & Maths – Number, money, measure – Measurement MNU 0-11a

Expressive Arts – Art & design EXA 0-06a & EXA 0-07a



Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to
Explore 3 dimensional materials by stacking, linking & joining them together in simple ways e.g. junk modelling, outdoor constructions, block play. Make models & 3 dimensional products using an increasing range of materials & tools. Demonstrate awareness of the properties & suitability of materials when designing & constructing a range of models using different materials e.g. beginning to recognise when qualities such as rigidity, strength or flexibility are required for specific purposes.
With support, use simple tools to help me construct & join models & products e.g. glue sticks & brushes, cutting tools, staplers, etc. Demonstrate increasingly controlled gross & fine motor skills when creating models & 3 dimensional products. Draw, say or show how I plan to make models for specific purposes or to solve specific problems.
With support, share my thinking about how to build things or solve 3 dimensional problems. With support, begin to plan for constructions or 3 dimensional solutions to problems

With support, begin to comment on the effectiveness of construction methods, tools & materials chosen (by me & others).

Use a growing range of tools & techniques with increasing gross & fine motor skill & control e.g. more accurate cutting with scissors, capacity to fold & form paper/card into cylinders, able to place glue appropriately when joining paper or fabric.