Computing Science



Organiser Early First Second Third Fourth 
Understanding the world through computational thinking I can explore computational thinking processes involved in a variety of everyday tasks & can identify patterns in objects or information.

TCH 0-13a

I can explore & comment on processes in the world around me making use of core computational thinking concepts & can organise information in a logical way.

TCH 1-13a

I understand the operation of a process & its outcome. I can structure related items of information.

TCH 2-13a

I can describe different fundamental information processes & how they communicate & can identify their use in solving different problems.

TCH 3-13a

I am developing my understanding of information & can use an information model to describe particular aspects of a real world system.

TCH 3-13b


I can describe in detail the processes used in real world solutions, compare these processes against alternative solutions & justify which is the most appropriate.

TCH 4-13a

I can informally compare algorithms for correctness & efficiency.

TCH 4-13b

Understanding and analysing computing technology I understand that sequences of instructions are used to control computing technology.

TCH 0-14a

I understand the instructions of a visual programming language & can predict the outcome of a program written using the language.

TCH 1-14a

I can explain core programming language concepts in appropriate technical language.

TCH 2-14a

I understand language constructs for representing structured information.

TCH 3-14a


I understand constructs & data structures in a textual programming language.

TCH 4-14a


Understanding and analysing computing technology I can experiment with & identify uses of a range of computing technology in the world around me.

TCH 0-14b

I understand how computers process information.

TCH 1-14B

I understand how information is stored & how key components of computing technology connect & interact through networks.

Tch 2-14b

I can describe the structure & operation of computing systems which have multiple software & hardware levels that interact with each other.

TCH 3-14b

I can explain the overall operation & architecture of a digitally created solution.

TCH 4-14b

I understand the relationship between high level language & the operation of computer.

TCH 4-14c

Designing, building and testing computing solutions I can develop a sequence of instructions & run them using programmable devices or equivalent.

TCH 0-15a

I can demonstrate a range of basic problem-solving skills by building simple programs to carry out a given task, using am appropriate language.

TCH 1-15a

I can create, develop & evaluate computing solutions in response to a design challenge.

TCH 2-15a

I can select appropriate development tools to design, build, evaluate & refine computing solutions based on requirements.

TCH 3-15a

I can select appropriate development tools to design, build, evaluation & refine computing solutions to process & present information whilst making reasoned arguments to justify my decisions.

TCH 4-15a