Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Food and Textile Explores and identifies at least two ideas by using given resources to solve the problem


Selects an appropriate solution


Food and Textile
I can share my thoughts with others to help further develop ideas and solve problems.

TCH 0-04c

Links to HWB Food & Health – 

The Food Experience HWB 0-29a, Developing Healthy Choices HWB 0-30a, Keeping Safe & Hygienic HWB 0-33a, The Journey of Food HWB 0-35a



Through play & other activities, I can/am able to Through play & other activities,I can/am able to Through play & other activities,I can/am able to
Work with others to solve simple food or textile-based problems e.g. how to make a sandwich, how to make things from fabric. Share my thoughts with others to develop ideas & solve problems when working with others e.g. food preparation & textile-based tasks or challenges such as “Let’s make a new outfit for teddy” or “What food should we prepare for our Christmas party?” Offer more than one idea or solution when working with others to solve textile or food-related problems

Listen to the ideas & suggestions of my peers then help to select the most appropriate solution e.g. give reasons for my choice.