Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Technological Developments in Society and Business • Identifies ways in which energy can be saved.

• Understands how and where we waste materials and resources.

Impact, contribution, and relationship of technologies on business, politics, and the environment
I can take appropriate action to ensure conservation of materials and resources, considering the impact of my actions on the environment.

TCH 1-06a





I can/am able to I can/am able to I can/am able to
Show or talk about how  waste could be reduced e.g. in school & at home or by local businesses. Talk about ways in which other resources could be saved or conserved e.g. water & electricity/power. Use my knowledge to identify ways in which energy & resources can be saved.
Give examples of how waste materials could be re-used. Say or show how I could make less impact on my environment e.g. by picking up litter, using fewer single-use plastics. Say or show how & where people impact on our environment by wasting materials & resources.