Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks
Organiser – Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics Creates and justifies a solution to a given design challenge considering who is it for,
where and how will it be used 

Uses appropriate tools and joining methods to construct a model

Design and constructing models/product
I explore a variety of products covering a range of engineering disciplines

TCH 1-09a

Links to: TCH 1-10a

Numeracy & Maths – Number, Money, Measure – Measurement MNU 1-11a & b

Expressive Arts – Art & Design EXA 1-06a & EXA 1-07a



Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to Through a range of play & activities, I can/am able to
Make increasingly appropriate choices about the materials & methods I use for my models & solutions. Select materials & construction methods which help me meet the criteria of a simple design brief. Understand & follow simple criteria to solve a range of construction or design challenges i.e. use a design brief & show evidence of engaging with all stages of the design process.
Use familiar construction tools & methods with increasing skill & confidence. Use a broader range of construction tools & methods to help me design & build models & solutions. Apply my joining & construction skills to solve increasingly challenging design tasks.
With support, begin to follow a simple design process, i.e.

  1. Read or consider the task or problem (introduction to a simple Design Brief) & the criteria I am given.
  2. Investigate how I cold solve this problem – how have others done it?
  3. Show that I have considered my ideas & how to construct my model or solution BEFORE building it.
  4. Say what I think about my final solution.
Share my thinking about my design solutions at various stages in my design process i.e. when I am investigating & researching; when I am considering all of the possible ways I could build; when I am justifying my solution & sharing it with others.  

Show that I have considered who my solution if for & where & how it will be used