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School Gymnastics Competition

On Thursday 24th January,  our gymnasts took part in after school competition.

Recently, many of our gymnasts, who have been working hard all year, attending after school gymnastics clubs, took part in a regional competition (see previous blog post) so it was great to see all of our gymnasts compete in a school competition to which family were invited to watch. There were prizes awarded for regional level, school competition level and special awards for those showing most improvement.

Our thanks go to Mrs Duncan, Mrs Bradbury and Abigail Simpson who have given so much of their time to develop our young people’s gymnastic skills. We are also grateful to Mrs Bradbury, Abigail and Mr Drennan for being judges for the completion held in school and to Davie Stitt for presenting the awards.


Primary 1 and 2 Party

Primary 1 and 2 children have just had a fantastic Christmas party. They played traditional games such as ‘I Sent a Letter,’ ‘The Farmer’s in his Den,’ ‘Hokey Cokey,’ ‘Pass The Parcel,’ ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘Corners’  together with some dancing competitions. Before juice and crisps, there was a big surprise:  Santa arrived to give out some little presents! This was quite a highlight for the boys and girls. Thank you Santa! They loved your visit.

Award Winners 21.9.18

Today we had a new set of Head Teacher Award winners. Not only did they receive their certificates but, for the first time, the pupils were also presented with prizes: Head Teacher’s award pencils! The previous winners at our first assembly were also presented with some. The decision to give prizes has resulted from consultation with all the school children about ways they would like to improve how achievements are celebrated. Here are this week’s winners:

Also at our assembly this week, 12 Primary 7 pupils were presented with their badges for volunteering to be librarians. Our new library monitors give up their lunch times, on a rota basis, to keep the school library organised and tidy.


Presentation of Badges

Today in assembly the children were awarded their badges for Eco Schools Committee, School Pupil Council, Sports  Captains and House Captains. Library Committee will be given their badges next week. Please see the Eco and School Pupil Council pages for photos. The Sports and house Captains are below.