Review of the week

This week we learned how to spell words with the z sounds made with z, zz, s or se.

We wrote an explanation piece about how to make pottery using the structure

  • title
  • identifying statement
  • explanation sequence
  • summary statement

It has put us in the mood to make pots out of clay!

On Wednesday the whole school, including the adults, stopped to read for 6 minutes to improve our well being.

‘Keep the heid and read’ is a great idea and we agreed that it worked.

We are learning how to calculate duration in time, by looking at start and finish times. We also interpreted a database, and know how to get the information we need.

We were given potatoes to plant so we have put them in compost bags in the playground. There are two varieties, ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Sarpo Una’. We hope that they will multiply!

On Tuesday next week we are going on a trip to Kelso for Countryside Day. We are entering the poster competition and the theme is one on the UN goals, ‘life on land’. Everyone designed a poster and the class voted for this entry by Jackson. He is making a large version with some friends to take on Tuesday. Well done, Jackson, and good luck on Tuesday.

Here are some of the other entries.

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