We took part in a live biodiversity lesson on Monday which was great fun. One of the presenters was Gill Lewis who has written lots of books which include animals and environmental issues. She set a competition where we had to write a riddle about an animal and, amazingly, out of over 200 school, we won!

Gill Lewis | children's author, vet, wildlife enthusiast and tree house  dweller

The winning riddle was written by Laura:

I see my mum plodding her heavy, broad feet on the jungle soil.

I hear birds chirping happily through my large ears which are flapping back and forth.

I taste the bitter taste of tree bark as I strip it off  the tall, wide tree trunk.

I smell the luscious smell of water, but it could be 12 miles away!

I feel vibrations from my friend through the thick soles of my feet. she’s telling me that she loves me and that she will always be there for me!

What am I?


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