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Interdisciplinary Learning at Rockfield Primary School

Rockfield PS pirates 1Over the last term the children of Rockfield Primary have been learning a great deal through their interdisciplinary topics based on our overarching theme of “Adventure, Exploration and Innovation” Children in the early level have been learning about Pirates,

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Our Visit to Winston Churchill’s by P5 pupil Brooklyn

Strone visit to Winston Churchill's 1On Thursday the 26th November, Strone Primary School went to Winston Churchill’s to talk to them about venison and all the things that you can make from venison. We wanted to visit because we wanted to find local produce that we could use for our evening meal that we are cooking in The Pier Hotel in Kilmun in the New Year.
We had decided upon venison sausages and wanted to see how they are made and where they come from.

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Salen Primary Hosts Rugby World Cup

Salen Rugby World Cup 1Five countries battled for supremacy with Ireland achieving world domination when they scooped up the prestigious Rugby World Cup at Salen Primary School.

This event was made possible with the help of Mr Gus Whyte who kindly refereed and Mrs Babs Whyte, PE Teacher. The children of Salen Primary School were joined by children from Lochdonhead Primary and Ulva Primary Schools as part of their normal PE sessions. Continue reading Salen Primary Hosts Rugby World Cup

Global Citizenship Alive and Well at St. Joseph’s!

St Josephs Missio 2The children of St. Joseph’s Primary in Helensburgh were delighted to welcome Sr. Stacey of the order of ‘The Sisters of St. Peter Claver’ at assembly this week. Sr. Stacey gave a superb presentation on the work of ‘Missio Scotland’, a charity close to the heart of all the children at school. At specific times in the academic session, in a bid to support the missions, the children collect money for this charity.

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Dunoon Primary wins prizes at Strathclyde University

DPS reallysmallscience verion 3Pupils from Dunoon Primary School were invited to the reallysmallscience on tour celebration event, at the University of Strathclyde, on the 17th of June. Primary 7 pupils, Siobhan Simpson and Leagha Campbell lifted the trophy for the best 3D entry for the ‘science in everyday life’ image competition. P7 pupil, Lucia Westwood-Phillips also received a medal for her drawing entry to the competition.

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Local History Display – Glenbranter Forestry Office July 2015

Sandbank Glenbranter office 1Taisbeanach – Ard na Blathaich
Chuir clas 6/7 o Bhunsgoil Thaigh a’Chladaich crioch air an topaic aca mun eachdraidh ionadail le taisbeanach san oifis Coiltearachd Gleann a’Bhrandaidh o chionn ghoirid.
Sandbank Primary’s GM6/7 ended their topic on local history by setting up an exhibition in the Glenbranter Visitor Centre and Forestry Offices.

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Crofting Connections – the story of wool

Sandbank Crofting Connections  card 12Rinn clas Ghaidhlig 6/7 ealain le cloimhe. B’fheudar dhuinn cìreadh, snìomh agus breabadaireachd a dh’ionnsachadh. Chuir sinn dathan nadarrach air an cloimhe cuideachd.
As part of our local history study and Crofting Connections programme, Sandbank GMU 6/7 worked on their handcraft skills to complete a piece of textile art together. We took the inspiration of a croft as the basis for a wall hanging, seeing as we had researched an abandoned farm settlement near Loch Eck.
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sandbank school trip – Bute

Sandbank woodwatch 1At the end of May, GM6/7 from Sandbank Primary (Bunsgoil Thaigh a’Chladaich) travelled to Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute to participate in some ancient technology courtesy of Gordon and Jessica at Bute Heritage Woodwatch.
We had a brilliant day in the woods learning about how our ancestors lived throughout history. Sitting inside the Bronze age roundhouse we imagined life long ago and saw how they made hooks, needles, whistles, arrowheads etc from natural materials such as bones and antlers.

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Ma thèid thu sìos dhan choille an-diugh

Bowmore Bothan 1Diluain 16 An t-Ògmhios, chaidh a’ chlann ann an Clas 4-6 aig Bun-sgoil Bhogha Mòr dhan choille aig Beul an Atha. An toiseach, chaidh sinn dhan Ghàrradh Choimhearsnachd airson beagan measan is glasraich fhaighinn. Gu mi-fhortanach, air sgàth an droch aimsir, cha robh mòran ri fhaighinn ach fhuair sinn leiteis, chives, radish agus beagan rùbarab.

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Bowmore Celebrates V.E.Day!

Bowmore PS VE Day 2Thanks to our wonderful kitchen ladies, Bowmore Primary enjoyed a lovely lunch which was reminiscent of the street parties, held in celebration of the Victory in Europe in 1945. This celebration was the brainchild of Mrs McHarrie, our kitchen lady! We had cheese, ham, egg and tinned salmon sandwiches, scones and pancakes, all washed down with lots of juice. We had to bring our own cup and plate as everyone did in 1945.

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Beach Science – Innellan and Toward Primary Schools take the learning outdoors

Innellan and Toward Beach 1Through active learning, developing their problem solving skills and using relevant contexts the pupils at Innellan and Toward Primaries have been involved in a range of open-ended experiences and investigations which have generated new knowledge and greater understanding of the world in which they live.

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St. Mun’s Explore The Rainforest…. In Cornwall

St Muns Eden 3After scooping the coveted Eden Award, at the Rolls Royce Science Awards, held at the Science Centre in London, last November, with their Biodiversity project entitled ‘If You Go Down In The Woods Today’, the children of Primary 7, along with their teacher, set about planning the 1,100 mile round trip visit to The Eden Project, St. Austell in Cornwall.

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navigational officer visits Dunoon Primary

DPS Navigator 2Yesterday Miss Johnston’s and Mrs Wakefield’s Maths Setting class were learning how maths is used by sailors! Duncan Munro who is a Navigational Officer working in the Merchant Navy joined the class to tell them about his job with Seabourn Cruiseline and to teach them about compass points, bearings and degrees.

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Arctic Activities for Strone Primary School

strone PS  Polar DayThis term pupils at Strone Primary are studying Polar Regions as their Interdisciplinary Topic. As part of the experience they celebrated International Polar Bear Day! To help raise awareness of the effects of Global Warming and make a small difference to saving energy, the heating was turned down and children came to school dressed for a Polar Day, in fleeces and polar onesies.

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Tackling the Tour

Rhu PS tour de france 1Primary 6 pupils at Rhu took on a mighty challenge as they cycled their way around France, without even leaving the comfort of the classroom.
While Tour de France riders battle it out in the mountains for the much-coveted maillot jaune, the pedal-powered pupils each took a spin on a road bike, firmly secured to a turbo trainer, while scenes from last year’s race played on the whiteboard to bring the atmosphere to life. With a cycle computer attached to the rear wheel, the keen class were able to see how far they had travelled and how fast they were pedalling. Continue reading Tackling the Tour

Park Primary is awarded 6th Green Flag

Park PS earth hour forPark Primary, Oban has recently gained a 6th Green Flag award for it’s work over the last two years on the topics of litter, health and wellbeing and waste minimisation. The school was commended for integrating the Eco Schools programme thoroughly into the curriculum and calendar through events such as One Planet Picnic, Earth Hour and our Apple Days and Green Days. Regular beach cleans and promotion of Fairtrade were also mentioned as was our support of charities such as WWF, MCS and Send my Friend to School. The pupils were described as “truly responsible, global citizens” and we are very proud of this.