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Last Wednesday (19th May), some of the children from Dunoon Primary ELC set out on an ad venture. They were going on a bear hunt at the Bishops Glen! Before they fully embarked on their journey they wanted to hide the first of their painted “shanarri calamari” stones. These evolved from the Cowal P1 transition programme promoted by the Early Years Team and after carefully painting images on stones found on the beach, the children wanted to hide them throughout the Dunoon community for people to find. They were keen for folk to let them know if the stones had been found by letter, email or posting a picture on our school Facebook page and have already had their first response. This year’s P1 transition topic, based around the 8 SHANARRI wellbeing indicators of SAFE, HEALTHY, ACHIEVING, NURTURED, ACTIVE, RESPECTED, RESPONSIBLE and INCLUDED is going really well at Dunoon ELC. Thanks to the Early Years Team for gifting each setting with a toy octopus – we named ours “Rocky” and he has played a huge part in the fun and learning opportunities supporting each of our children as they make the journey from Nursery to Primary One.  With the first stone suitably placed, the children continued on their adventure. They trampled through “long wavy grass,” waded through “a deep cold river,” squelched through “thick oozy mud” and searched through “a big dark forest” until, after much excitement, they eventually found A BEAR! We would like to extend a massive thanks to Andy at Chainsaw Craft for donating our fabulous bear – our little ones were so excited to find him. To top it all the children enjoyed a bear hunt themed Bookbug session in the woods at the Bishops Glen celebrating Bookbug week (17th – 23rd May 2021) and Bookbug’s Big Splash. . . . . . . . . The sun was shining and it truly was a beautiful day!

Some Happy Winners of the Languages Storytelling Competition

Lovely to see all the happy faces from around the authority!

Home Languages Category:

1st Prize Olivia Baryla, P5, Dunoon Primary School

2nd Prize Noor Rashid, P7, Rhu Primary School

3rd PrizeKyle Welsh, P2, Hermitage Primary School

Learning Languages Category:

1st Prize Darcy Cameron, P6, Sandbank Primary School

2nd PrizeThe Maclean family, Bunessan Primary School

3rd Prize  Seren Johnston, P4, Bunessan Primary School

Special Merit Awards for Alfie Murray, Melchior Barbottin, Evelyn Taylor and Olivia Le Good in P2 at Hermitage primary School and Calum and Sophie Paterson and Acacia and Emmanuelle Maclean from Bunessan Primary School.

Well done everyone!

Professional Learning for Language Teaching

Follow the links to find out more about all the upcoming professional learning opportunities

6 week Gaelic Course (Commencing Thursday, 29th April, 3.45-4.45pm) Eventbrite Link

4 week follow on Spanish Course (Commencing Wednesday 28th April, 4-5.30pm) Eventbrite link 

Differentiation Strategies and Multi-Composite Class Approaches (Monday 10th May, 3.45-4.45pm)

Ensuring Progression in Language Learning (Monday, 17th May, 3.45-4.45pm)

Celebrating Achievements in Languages (Monday, 24th May, 3.45-4.45pm)


Language Learning Opportunities for Primary Practitioners

4 week Spanish beginners’ course starting Thursday 12th November, 3.45-5pm, email to register.


Stand alone Webinars                                                                                                                             

 Using Gaelic to Support Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing –                              Thurs 5th Nov, 4-5pm, Register HERE

Learning German with songs- Thursday 5th November, 4-5.30pm, Register HERE