About SAL

SAL is where our teachers, pupils and the wider community can tell everyone what is happening in our classes, schools, clusters or groups…..everything from composting to composing!

It is visible to everyone and is also shared via the National Glow Site.
Please use the search facility on the right to find information regarding a particular school, establishment, department or topic and use the ‘posts by category’ list (below on the right) to locate information on a variety of curricular areas.

As well as celebrating learning activity in our area, we are looking for information on up and coming events and news so please get in touch if you want to share.

How to post:

1. write your text (or ask your pupils to!) and attach to an email as a ‘word’ doc or imbed it in your email to us

2. select a few photos, resize them (see below) and attach them to the same email ( but not as part of a word doc please)

3. If you want to show video and use audio files as part of your post, please contact the SAL team and we can upload them for you or link to a vimeo or youtube file.

and send it all to:


Ideally contributions should:

– have a relevant title

– be up to approx 400 words long (less is fine)

– include a few images/photos.

If you want to add pictures it is best to compress them first. Large images take up a lot of storage space and can cause problems in your outbox/sent items folders.

Follow the simple instructions below for PC or MAC and if you need help, just email


Compressing your images – PC Instructions

  • If using a PC, right click on the image and select open with, Microsoft Office¬†Picture Manager
  • Click on edit pictures on the top toolbar
  • Click on Compress Pictures
  • Select Web pages and ok
  • Save your picture

A video tutorial on using Microsoft Picture Manager is available here

Compressing your images – Mac Instructions

Mac users should follow the instructions here – iphoto resizing instructions