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Welcome to our exciting pupil led blog!

In November 2017, pupils from each of the 13 establishments in Cowal met to discuss how we could share news about some of the brilliant things that are happening for pupils aged 3 to 18 across Cowal.  The result is this new blog, which is written entirely by pupils writing about their own schools.  Many thanks to all of our pupil journalists and photographers.  Well done to Macy Law from Toward Primary School, who won the competition to design the name and logo for our blog, now named “Pencil Point”.

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Top Five Tips for Moving


1. When you get your timetable make sure to keep it safe or even make a copy in case it gets lost! Don’t worry, if you do lose one you can just go to the office and they’ll give you a new one!





2. Make sure you get in lines fast to get your lunch or you can pre-order your food at break.




3. Make friends from other schools! When you move up there are lots of new people which can be worrying to begin with but the more new friends you make the less people who you don’t know!




4. At lunch and break people tend to stay at the same table every day – try and find one for you and your friends as soon as you can! Make sure that the table is free though!


5. Don’t be scared! All the staff and pupils at DGS are helpful and friendly and are happy to help with any problems that you (hopefully won’t) face at our school!




P7 ‘On the Move’

5th – 8th June

Last year all of the P7s from all over Cowal came up to Dunoon Grammar School for their transition week. This gave them a taster of their new school (teachers, subjects, food etc.), and also made sure when they came to the school as S1s in August they were familiar with the environment. Stuart Lock and Jessie Miller have been around all their classes to see how they had been settling in to the Grammar. This was be a new experience for them because some of the new pupils come from schools with under 20 students!

The P7s had a full schedule but a few interviews with the students were able to be squeezed in!

In an interview with Andrew Stirling (previous head boy in Kirn Primary), he revealed what his favourite subjects were, what the best parts of DGS are and whether or not he was looking forward to coming back in August. Watch Andrew’s interview below.

Another with Emma Bancks (also a past pupil at Kirn) quickly told us how she was finding the transition week. Watch Emma’s interview below.

The P7s were obviously picking things up quickly as they had shown after ten minutes in Miss McChesney’s class.

Since then the former P7s have settled perfectly into their new school and enjoyed the transition experience.

St Mun’s Primary – Lenten Challenge

The pupils of St Mun’s are working hard during Lent to raise money for two important charities: SCIAF and The Cowal Hospice Trust.

Primary One will be running an Easter Egg Tombola on Friday 23rd March.

Primary Two will be running a Bring and Buy Sale on Thursday 29th March.

Primary 3 are organising two competitions: Guess the Name of the Easter Bunny, and Guess the Number of eggs in the Jar. The winners will be announced on Thursday 29th March.

Primary 5/4 will be organising an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday 15th March.

Primary 6/5 are going to create a Recipe Book containing a variety of things that adults and children will like to try their hand at cooking. The book will be on sale throughout Lent and will cost £1.00

And finally, Primary 7/6 will be hosting a Coffee Morning for parents of the school and parishioners of Our Lady and St Mun’s Church. This will take place in the school on Wednesday 28th March, from 10:30 am. For £1.00, guests will receive a variety of cakes and coffee!

Hope you like our Lenten Challenge and will support us in raising funds for these two very important charities!!!

St Mun’s Primary – Scottish Homework Challenge

P4 to 7 are taking part in a variety of homework challenges connected to our whole school Inter-disciplinary topic of Scotland; they will have to work through three different levels of difficulty which are bronze, silver and gold.

You have to complete three of the five activities available to pass on to the next level of difficulty. Pupils can work at whatever speed they choose.  The activities are all about Scotland, e.g.  Scottish legends and the Scottish landscape and other interesting activities.

Once you complete Bronze, Silver or Gold, you will get a certificate marking your accomplishment!

I hope you like our head teacher’s idea and we hope many of our pupils achieve well in this challenge!!

St Mun’s Primary – Young Sports Leaders

12 Primary 6’s have been taught by Lynsey Mitchell (Active Schools Coordinator) to become Young Sports Leaders.

They will lead games in the playground for the infant classes.

They also learned skills in negotiation and coordination.

Hopefully this training will come in handy for making a happy, safe playground!

Lochgoilhead Primary – March Blog

On the 29th of January Linda came from Trossachs National park and told us that we actually live in the park. She told us about all the different animals in the park and how red squirrels are endangered and why. She then split us up into different groups and gave us different animals one group were given a fox tail, another deer antlers but the other two groups got some taxidermies of animals them being: an otter, and a weasel and a stoat we all had to learn different things about our animals. After that the primary sevens were to go outside and help put a camera up to hope to catch some wild life.

On the 12th February Stuart and Simon came from Ardroy to tell us about the John Muir award and who he is, we learnt that he invented the idea of the national parks. They drove a mini bus with them to bring us to the woods which are just outside the village. We split up into groups and made our own little national parks out of twigs, leaves and whatever else was around us. After we finished we took a walk around the forest and found a massive tree that was dead so it was black. While we were walking we also saw deer tracks and a few other things. On the way back we learned how to tie a hitch knot, but just before we were going back on the bus we all got some hot chocolate. We hope all this hard work will get us presented with the John Muir award.

The school has started to prepare for UK Waste Week. It spans from 5th – 9th of March. We are doing lots of activities online with EDF Energy website. We learnt about the three most wasted food daily by families in the UK it was bread, milk and potatoes! We will also be digging up a metre square area of grass to count how many worm there are. We will forward our data to EDF so that it can be added to a national data base for feedback and analysis.

Sandbank Primary – Scottish Celebration Afternoon

The upper school classes at Sandbank Primary treated guests to an afternoon of Scottish celebrations last week. The Gaelic P 4-7, P5 and P6/7 classes joined forces to wow the audience with an array of performances, including bag pipes, fiddle, drums, piano, chanter, poetry recitals and highland dancing.
Following tradition, the haggis was piped in by Primary 7 pipers Brooke and Archie, followed by a recitation of Burns’ Selkirk Grace. Guests were then treated to an abundance of talent from the pupils who had worked very hard to perfect their acts. One highlight of the afternoon was a rendition of the Gaelic song ‘Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn’ by mainstream and Gaelic children, and a trio of tunes from our pipers with Tom accompanying on the drums.

All children showcased their talents fantastically and everyone had a very enjoyable time. Guests were also treated to some homemade Cranachan and shortbread to top their afternoon off nicely.

Sandbank Primary – New Head Teacher Appointment

The children of Sandbank Primary are very happy to announce that a there has been a new Head Teacher appointed. His name is Mr Houston and so far we have noticed that his is very supportive, interested in what the children have to say and he has had meetings with the talent show committee and with the house captains. A warm welcome to you Mr Houston

Sandbank Primary – P7 Fundraising Afternoon

P7 have come together with ideas for fundraising activities. This is to help with the expenses for the annual trip to Benmore as part of the P7 transition. Three activities have been organised. All pupils in the school were invited to take part in the first two events which was a Beetle Drive and a Bingo afternoon. The senior children had double the work as they had to make their own sheets were correct and help out their junior shoulder partner with their sheets as well. Everyone there had great fun and some spoke of the tension when coming close to the end of the games. Many thanks to all that made a donation. The next event will be a Bring And Buy sale on 9/3/18.

Toward Primary – The Return of Forest Schools

We have finally started Forest Schools again. What can I say, we are all ecstatic. People were making swings, dens, fire and writing their names with sticks.

Recently the p7s made a ladder out of rope to get up to a gigantic tree, which worked. “Another group were making rules and making a swing,” said a p6.

A P5 was exploring new places in her den.

One of our favourite young assistants Miss Emmerson was taking pictures, supporting kids and helping with lighting the fire.

There was also a P6 that was helping with a den called the V.I.P Penguins.

Another teacher was lighting fires, bringing equipment and advice for knots. His name is Mr Wakefield.

Last week we toasted marshmallow and some people had smores. They were delicious but a couple fell on the ground.

Don’t worry we do have an interior decorator, safety monitor and a problem solver. The one and only Mrs Gerrish.

So now we’ve got you all caught up on the latest.