On an old, worn out, dark oak wooden door – with vertical cracked grain with little space between – there is a little padlock with the bold brand name “Sterling” painted black. An arc shaped, polished, silver shackle is attached to the door by a rusty metal loop, secured by four rust-covered flat-headed screws.

The vestibule behind has a white glossy door frame and cream coloured walls. The padlock’s polished shackle and case shines in contrast to the aged door.

The tired door has deep scratches and rubbing marks with rusted metal designs.


Charlie – Dunoon PS

No Entry

Neglected. A carpet of grass and weeds masks the stairs, leading to an unwelcoming mat. Rotting debris has taken up residence while one living weed stands alone.

A carved stone arch frames the painted black door. At the bottom of the aged door is a small padlock. Layers of algae cling desperately to the wall. Fern and moss are wedged in the crevices of the walls.

An uninviting intrusive weathered pipe runs along the well- preserved wall. The other wall had endured the worst of the weather where yellow and orange algae cascades over the discoloured bricks.

The ancient, unstable railing around the steps had rusted with overgrown grass winding its way around the base.


Zoe – Dunoon Primary