William Walter Hart

Hello, my name is William Walter Hart and this is my story. If you have been to Holy Trinity Church then you will know that there is a plaque on the wall. It has my story on it but not the full one. That is why I am here: to tell you the missing parts. So sit back, relax and I will tell you my story.

When I was young I had a fascination with boats. From the mast to the cabin it all interested me. My father Declan Hart was a sailor and he delivered all the cargo and food to the cities near Dunoon while my mother Jennifer Hart was a maid.

For my 12th birthday my Dad took me to see a boat yard. I was very grateful to my Dad for taking me there.

When I got back home my Mother had prepared a delicious meal for my Dad and me.

When I was fifteen my Mother and Father took me to Holy Trinity Church for the first time. I thought that the church was absolutely beautiful. We went to church every Sunday and I loved it but my favourite part was always the singing. Every time I sang it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It also made me feel like I was glowing. So when a lady asked me to join the choir, I gladly accepted.

When I was twenty I got my first real job: I got a job on a boat! I sailed to many places and by the time I was twenty six I had nearly sailed around the whole world. Of course, I still went to church when I could as well. But one day, the 25th October 1900, it all changed. That was the day I died. I had been sent on a very treacherous journey to Nova Scotia. My boss had warned me that the weather was going to be dangerous but I thought it would be fine so I gathered everything I needed and sailed away from Dunoon.

When I got closer to Nova Scotia a storm was brewing. I got flung off my bed by a wave hitting my deck. I drowned shortly after when the boat capsized.

My body washed up on Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia and was spotted by some locals.

So that’s my story. I hope you enjoyed it but don’t worry. I may be dead but that’s okay because when one life dies, another one begins.

Catriona – Tighnabruaich Primary School

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