The Bell Tower

As the ancient strings of the old bell tower ricochet off the hardened wood a melodic tune – that is heard for miles – induces hope into passers-by enticing them to come in to the great nave of this old church.

Outside flowers sway in the gentle breeze, the century old gravestones stand their ground as time takes its toll. The springtime birds chirp under the green canopy of leaves as the sunlight floods onto the grass covered ground, untainted life all around – from towering trees to the most delicate little daisy as the beautiful natural scene continues living and growing. The leaves rustle from the touch of little woodland animals as pinecones and acorns fall from their treetop poses indicating the start of a new Spring season.

And as rain starts to fall, the sunlight fades and the animals go back into hiding. The grass dampens and the flowers droop their heads as the rain pours onto the countryside. The mist envelopes the surrounding hills.

Eventually, the rain clears leaving just the magical white mist. It overpowers this peaceful scene giving it an almost sinister feeling.

Nightfall then arrives. The nocturnal animals wake from their daytime slumber and roam the grounds and, as the predators of the night seek out their source of food, the more passive creatures roam around in the darkness scavenging for survival.


Elise – Kirn Primary School








Captain Scholes

As I looked out to see if the enemies were still there, one of our soldiers got shot. A massive battle broke out again. You could hear the gunshots whistling past your ear. Literally, you could feel the ground rumbling when the bombs went off. I sent my troops off to fight them.

Eventually, we had taken out most of them and my men returned exhausted. But trench warfare followed. I swear they threw grenade after grenade into our trench and took out half of my men. We fought for our lives. I got shot a couple of times so hid until the gunshots stopped. Everything then went silent.

Moments later I took another quick look over the top of our trench and all I saw was a massive cloud of black smoke funnelling towards our trench. It turned everything black. I could hardly breathe. Then everything stopped.

Euan – Kirn Primary School