The Graveyard

I am in a lost and forgotten world where time stands still.

Flowers wilt and fade amongst the neglected graves.

They sit sad and lonely in the distance

grey and dull like invisible statues

spirits disconnected from the world.

A thin mist blankets all it finds

protecting the dead.

The deafening silence overwhelms me till the bell chimes.


by Aurora – Strone PS


A Visit to the Graveyard

I see the ancient vines covering the graves like a shield.

It’s so calm and peaceful walking among them.

The sad forgotten graves crumbling slowly like decaying wood

dull, lifeless stones sitting in a sea of colour.

The smell of salty sea air from the coast

the scent of perfume drifting in the air

wondering what people still visit this beautiful and mysterious place.

I hear the silent voices of lost souls speaking to one another

whispering of memories long ago

in another time.


by Finn – Strone Primary