Gaelic 1+2 Languages Resources Session

Are you hoping to deliver Gaelic as an L2 or L3 in your class next session? This is an opportunity to be guided through the resources available via the Northern Alliance to teach Gaelic.

Find out how these Northern Alliance resources (incorporating the Go!Gaelic programme) offer newly created support materials and where you can find them.

This is a chance for you to ask any questions about teaching Gaelic as a 1+2 language and also how you can help improve your own Gaelic language skills.

When: Tuesday 7th June 2022, 4-5pm

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French Phonics- Getting to Grips with Pronunciation

Suitable for teachers of Primary who are delivering French as an L2 or L3 and would like to improve their own pronunciation and confidence as well as develop techniques for teaching French phonics in the classroom.

This session is suitable for beginners or teachers who already have some knowledge of French and aims to increase confidence in speaking, reading and writing French and will look at resources available to support.

When: Thursday 19th May, 16.00-17.15

Where: Glow Teams

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Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is is a  fantastic collection of simple e-books in English or Spanish which can be narrated in many other languages.  Try one of the stories below. Listen in French, German, Polish, Arabic……

How many friends?    What colours do you eat?

Adiós días        Grande y pequeño


March Daily Activity Calendar for Languages. This month there is a focus on literacy to tie in with World Book Day.

This term’s Linking Learners and Languages Across the Curriculum Challenge  also focuses on literacy and stories.



Hermitage Primary School Celebrating Languages Week Scotland

Click HERE to see the fabulous multicultural and multilingual way in which Hermitage Primary School celebrated Languages Week Scotland. The whole school celebrated many different languages and cultures including Scots, Spanish, German, Gaelic, French, Chinese, Estonian, Russian, Hungarian, and Dutch. Each class chose a country to study- They looked at language, culture, customs, art, food and famous people.

The aim was to help everyone recognise the importance of language and culture within a rights respecting context. The week included literacy, language learning, numeracy, dance, song, poetry recital, cooking, model making and even pilates!


Four week beginners’ Gaelic course

The course will take place via Google meet, 3.45-5pm on the following dates: 28th February, 7th, 14th, 21st March.

The course will refer to the online resources Go!Gaelic and Gaidhlig nan Òg and will introduce the Gaelic language for introductions, feelings, numbers, weather & colours.

This is an ideal opportunity for primary and early years practitioners to learn some simple Gaelic language and use this in a fun way with their learners.

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Teaching Languages Through Songs, Games and Storytelling

Teaching Languages through Songs and Games – 2nd March 2022, 4pm, Google meet

This is an interactive session which exemplifies the methodology of using songs and games for teaching languages in the classroom. The activities will demonstrate how versatile a song or a game can be. There will be a particular focus on simple, easily accessible songs and games which require minimal preparation but provide maximum learning potential.

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Using Storytelling to Enhance your Language Teaching – 9th March 2022, 4pm, Google meet

This session will provide an interactive introduction to storytelling where practitioners will learn how to use stories to deliver all 4 language skills, explore how to develop wider literacy and how to use storytelling as an inclusive practice.

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Daily Challenges 

31st January-4th February 2022 #scotlandloveslanguages 

Free classroom resource – The Northern Alliance Languages Team was inspired by this free downloadable poster – The Rights of the Language Learner and we have created a poster with similar ideas in English, French, Gaelic, Scots, German, Spanish & BSL. Click here to see & download the posters to share with your classes. Here’s a poster summarising everything.

For learners in upper primary / secondary at school or home we have created a poster with activities for them to try based on the above posters.

Gaelic challenge for Languages Week Scotland

Other opportunities – Colleagues in the SWEIC (South West Educational Improvement Collaborative) have generously opened up their bitesize CLPL menu running all of next week as part of their Languages Week Scotland celebrations to teachers across the country. Click HERE for links to join sessions


Languages Week Scotland 2022 will run from 31 January – 4 February 2022. The theme is “The ‘Rights’ Approach – incorporating learners’ rights within Scotland’s languages landscape”

SCILT (the Scottish Centre for Languages) has provided ideas to use in school  to celebrate the week. They will also publish daily challenges during the week and there are professional development opportunities available. You can find all this here at Languages Week Scotland SCILT

This e-book shared by Highland Council also contains lots of classroom ideas for French and Gaelic to celebrate Languages Week Scotland.

Follow the dedicated Twitter account @LangsWeekScot for all the latest news, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #scotlandloveslanguages to share how you celebrate. Alternatively, contact  with anything you would like shared here on SAL.

Professional Learning Opportunities in 2022


Beginners’ French –

Starting on Tuesday 11th January for 5 weeks, please see link above for more details and to register

Beginners’ German –

Starting on Wednesday 12th January for 4 weeks, please see link above for more details and to register.

Spanish follow-on course –

Starting on Thursday 13th January for 4 weeks, please see link above for more details and to register.

Gaelic introduction course follow -on

Starting on Tuesday 11th January. Sessions throughout the term. Please see above link for more details.


A story in Scots, English and Arabic. Illustrated and translated by pupils from Dalintober, Innellan, Rosneath and Toward Primary Schools.

Click HERE to listen to the story and see all the beautiful illustrations. This story telling project is part of the Bethlehem Cultural Festival. Schools participated in this project as part of the L3 Arabic course they have undertaken this session.

All of the resources above can also be accessed on one page on the Northern Alliance Languages Family learning site  or the Northern Alliance Languages Teacher Professional Learning Hub

Professional Learning for Languages

Drop-in support session on using Book Creator for learning and teaching

15th November, 3.45-4.45pm- email to receive the link to join.

Drop-in support session on creating Virtual classrooms for learning and teaching

22th November, 3.45-4.45pm- email to receive the link to join.

Connecting Learning across the Curriculum (18th Nov) –Find out more and register

A look at how Languages (L2/3) can be linked to other curriculum areas, such as Literacy and topic based approaches.

We shall look at the Themed Activity Cards on the Northern Alliance Family Learning Site for French, Gaelic, German and Spanish for IDL work. We will also look at the Responsive Resources in Powerlanguage Schools for inspiration & touch on the CLIL approach to learning and the resources on the ELAPSE website.

Fun and Games at Kilmodan Primary School

As part of European Day of Languages some of us chose to dress up in the colours of the French flag. Pupils in P6 and 7 enjoyed leading games for younger children.  This photo shows us playing ‘Bonjour, Bonjour, Au Revoir,’ our version of Duck, Duck, Goose.  We were so pleased that the nursery children could join in too.

In the following clip Catriona asks Kathryn to tell us all about leading games for European day of Languages.  At Kilmodan we are developing leadership, literacy, languages, technology and HWB across the school.

P5-7 embraced the challenge of learning a French tongue twister.  Have a look at Fraser, who chose a particularly difficult one: Je cherche Serge.  Well done to everyone who took part and to Catriona who managed to say her tongue twister 70 times in one minute!  It was great fun!

Celebrating European Day of Languages

The P7 pupils at Hermitage Primary School took part in a ‘Voyage en France’ challenge. They were all paired up and given an envelope with a map, 2 cash cards with a budget of £500 each and a budget sheet. The pupils had to plan a trip to France which involved them visiting at least two places, one they had never heard of before, visit at least 3 attractions, try some local food and travel on a French train. The pupils used a range of Literacy, Maths, ICT and mapping skills to complete this task. At the end, they shared their trip with another pair and a few examples were shared with the class. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed this activity and are keen to put their planning into action.

Linking Learners and Languages Across the Curriculum

Using Playground Games to Celebrate European Day of Languages

Why not try linking Languages up with other things you are already doing like Literacy or PE.  Take a look at this eBook for ideas on how to do this and share your learning as part of a celebration of European Day of Languages. To share the learning follow the instructions in the book  or  contact  me  directly

  1. Choose a game/playground game.
  2. Choose what language you want to teach/revise eg. numbers
  3. Play the game inside/outside.
  4. Ask learners if they can remember the instructions (in English) & explain them to someone else. This could be in spoken form as a short presentation or a conversation, or learners could draw & label key words or write a set of instructions/describe what they did. If learners can add anything in another language eg. key words or the language they practised in the game, then that would be great!
  5. Choose how to share the work with others in the class/school community/parents Want some inspiration? Listen to Toby (P3) explain how to play Pêcheurs & poissons in this short video using the App Sock Puppets.


Professional Learning for Languages

Click on the links below to register for these sessions.

⭐Power Language Schools – Getting the Most from the Resource⭐

16th September 3.45-5.00pm

We will explore the vast array of support provided by this resource and advise on the best way to use it in your setting. We will also revisit the Family Learning course which all Northern Alliance teachers currently have free access to.

Four-week Introduction to Gaelic Course

  • Session 1: Introductions and Feelings- Tuesday 7th Sept
  • Session 2: Numbers and Days of the Week- Tuesday 5th October
  • Session 3: Weather and Colours- Tuesday 9th November
  • Session 4: Family and Pets- Tuesday 7th December

(Four week follow on course planned for January 2021)

Teaching 1+2 at All Levels

9th September – Early Level,  23rd September – First Level,  7th October Second/Third Level                                                           

These professional learning sessions aim to share resources, classroom teaching ideas, core language and support at each level. The sessions are relevant for all languages, with examples in French and Gaelic.



Three Peaks Challenge on Gigha

On Saturday 5th June, pupils from Gigha Primary School Eco Schools Committee took part in the Three Peaks Challenge, a 2.8km sponsored circular walk or scoot, which including walking the three highest cairns at the north of the island. Pupils from the nursery through to P7 raised the amazing current total of £630 through sponsorship from their family and friends; this will be used to purchase a variety of fresh fruit plants to be grown in the schools polycrub polytunnel as part of the pupil’s Eco School’s project. The end goal is to create a community growing garden to provide an increasing range of fruit and vegetables to pupils and the families who live on the Isle of Gigha.

Gigha Primary School’s Eco school’s Committee Chairperson, Max, reported “The sponsored walk was really fun and has raised lots of money for plants for the school growing area. We would like to say thank you to all the people who took part and who sponsored us.”

Headteacher, Julie Wilson, said “It is fantastic that despite the restrictions of Covid 19, our families have continued to join in with family friendly outdoor events. The children at Gigha Primary School are fully committed to taking action on issues of sustainability that are really important to them. This has provided an opportunity for them once again to have a voice around these aspects of everyday life, especially to lead community action on climate change. As an island community this allows our pupils to meet the challenges highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development goals in order to make the world a better place. “