Beach Science – Innellan and Toward Primary Schools take the learning outdoors

Innellan and Toward Beach 1Through active learning, developing their problem solving skills and using relevant contexts the pupils at Innellan and Toward Primaries have been involved in a range of open-ended experiences and investigations which have generated new knowledge and greater understanding of the world in which they live.

With the support of their class teachers and Mrs Young the pupils are able to identify the different zones on the shore, use identification keys to help them name some of the more unusual creatures they have discovered as well as many of the more common ones. They know how the animals and plants have adapted, are interdependent and where they can be found in the food chain. Developing the correct scientific language to accurately describe what they find has also been important and they can discuss tide conditions and how they change each week.

This outdoor learning experience has supported the pupils by providing them with real life, hands-on contexts to practise a range of inquiry and investigative skills, scientific analytical thinking skills and support and encourage them to appreciate their own environment. The pupils have had a fantastic time and really enjoyed their weekly outing to the shore.

I love beach science because :

Primary 1-3 quotes:

Innellan and Toward 5 Beach Science 5We made our own aquaraium.

We made our own fish tanks.

WInnellan and Toward 3 Beach Science 3e found lots of Star Fish.

Innellan and Toward 2 Beach Science 2I liked learning about sea creatures.

Primary 4 – 7 quotes:
Innellan and Toward 6 Beach Science 6
At beach science I liked finding fish and sea creatures and getting wet but also knowing about the tides.

Innellan and Toward 4 Beach Science 4I liked finding and learning about seashore life and be able to identify seashore life in the future.

The thing I loved about beach schools was that we learned and saw different living creatures every week.

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