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Toward Primary after school Yoga Club

Far too much fun was being had at Toward Primary. Can you spot what shapes we are making? Can you tell your boat from your shoulder stand or your dancer from your chair?

Thank you to Active Schools who funded training that enabled Mrs Gerrish from Toward Primary to attend. She has put everything she has learnt, into offering an after school yoga club for the pupils of the school.

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Toward and Innellan pupils go to the Capital.

Toward and Innellan Holyrood Park June 2016Pupils travelled through to Edinburgh to Holyrood Park where with the help of Rangers from Historic Scotland they travelled back in time to study the nature and type of volcanic activity was involved in shaping Arthurs Seat. They learnt the names for all the different parts of a volcano and were able to identify the different features in the surrounding landscape. They discussed and studied the best place to be if a volcano was about to erupt and decided to be as far away as possible especially as one of the Rangers mixed some vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda to make a chemical reaction.
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Technologies Showcase at Innellan Primary

Innellan Tech Showcase 2Pupils from Toward, Innellan, St Muns and Dunoon, supported by Gary Clark and Steven Simpson have been learning how to write computer code. Dunoon has been using Lego WeDo and the other schools have been using Kudo. The progress and improvements in the pupils independent working and problem solving has been fantastic and the pupils over a period of a few weeks have managed to develop a wide range of simple to complex games.

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Innellan Primary School Wildlife Watch Group

Innellan PS Wildlife checkThe pupils at Innellan Primary School have received a ‘Level 4-Thriving It’s Your Neighbourhood Award’.
The School is continuing to develop an area of waste ground in order to attract as wide a variety of wildlife as possible. Members of the community help the children with growing seeds and planting, and the children get involved in environmental art, making it a fun and productive space.

Oh No They Didn’t, Oh Yes They Did!

St Muns Panto 1With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, the children of St. Mun’s were joined by Strone, Innellan and Toward Primaries and really got into the festive spirit when they were treated to The Rainbow Theatre Group’s pantomime production, ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

The traditional fairy tale was retold by the wonderful cast, who had their entire audience, laughing, booing and singing popular ‘chart’ hits from beginning to end.

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Toward’s Tower

Towards Tower KAPLA1 2At Toward Primary we have been exploring and creating buildings, objects, and much more using a new wooden construction toy called KAPLA. We discovered KAPLA at the recent Scottish Learning Festival. KAPLA is made up of a set of 1000 identical pine blocks which makes them ideal for building many kinds of structures. You don’t need glue, screws or anything else to hold the blocks together. The blocks are held together by gravity and balance.

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Fairyland Castles at Toward Primary School

Toward PS Castle GerrishPrimary 1 to 3 Pupils of Toward Primary have been working very hard to rebuild Fairyland in their classroom with help from the Friendly Dragon. Pupils were given a family learning challenge to plan, design and create their own model of their dream castle with help from members of their family.

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Sky Academy Skills with Toward and Innellan Primary Schools.

Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 1Sky Academy Skills Studio
On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Toward and Innellan Primary schools went to Sky Academy Skill Studio in Livingston to make a news report on Natural Disasters. We got to use green screens, professional cameras (worth £60,000) and wear costumes. There were four studios each working together to make a news report. There were eight roles in each studio – Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Camera operator, Reporter, Eyewitness, Expert and Editor.
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Beach Science – Innellan and Toward Primary Schools take the learning outdoors

Innellan and Toward Beach 1Through active learning, developing their problem solving skills and using relevant contexts the pupils at Innellan and Toward Primaries have been involved in a range of open-ended experiences and investigations which have generated new knowledge and greater understanding of the world in which they live.

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Save the Children & Dunoon Food Bank fundraising from Toward Primary and Innellan Primary Schools

To really set off the last few days of term pupils from both Toward & Innellan Primary Schools went along to sing some carols on Friday 12th December to the residents of Dalriada Grove, Innellan (Retirement/Sheltered housing). They were well received and as always were a credit to their schools. They wore Christmas jumpers that day and made £44 for “Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day Appeal”.

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Seafood Feast for Toward

Toward Primary senior class pupils recently had the very exciting opportunity to visit Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and Restaurant. The children started the day with a trip to see the different processes that the mussels and oysters go through in preparation for being sold.

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Victoria Postcard Project

This project is part of the Rothesay Town Heritage Initiative, celebrating Rothesay’s Victorian past. Argyll and Bute Primary children from Kilmodan, St Mun’s, Toward, North Bute and St Andrew’s have already been participating during May. This has involved interdisciplinary activities such as using traditional, Victorian style dip pens and ink, drawing and writing postcards, and, some ‘pop up history’ from a Victorian visitor from Rothesay in the year 1887.

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Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

In spite of the weather and the cancelled boats our 3 intrepid travellers had a great time on their recent trip to the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons. They undertook keyhole surgery (I hope none of them actually have to operate on any of us in the future because they kept dropping things), watched a live operation online, attended a lecture on dentistry and learnt about the dangers of mosquitoes. They also enjoyed dining out, a little bit of shopping and a large hot chocolate.

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There’s Something Fishy going on at Toward.

At the request of the pupils and as part of our Crofting Connections topic we invited an expert willow weaver, Mrs Clark, to come to the school to teach the pupils how to make Willow Fish. Now we have shoals of fish swimming all over the school. The pupils learnt that the willow needed to be soaked to make it pliable, that different types of willow were used for different parts of the fish and how they had to carefully bend the willow in a figure of eight before twisting it to make the tail.

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Egg-citment at Toward School

There has been great egg-citment at Toward Primary over the past few weeks. As part of our Crofting Connections project the school bought an incubator and were given some hen eggs. The pupils carefully watched over the eggs, turning them each day and ensuring they were kept at the correct temperature. After a week in the incubator the eggs were eggs-amined to see which ones were fertile. They had 4 fertile eggs and eggs-actly 3 weeks after placing the eggs in the incubator they began to hatch.

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