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Innellan Primary School STEM Week.

Last week the pupils at Innellan Primary School were busy doing lots of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities for our STEM week. Our twenty pupils from P1 – P7 were all involved in lots of hands-on activities. We learnt all about magnets and electromagnets and conducted our own experiments. Pupils also participated in making circuits, and the P3-7 class lead the P1-2’s in a lesson on making lemon cell battery circuits to light up an LED light and a digital clock.

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Toward and Innellan pupils go to the Capital.

Toward and Innellan Holyrood Park June 2016Pupils travelled through to Edinburgh to Holyrood Park where with the help of Rangers from Historic Scotland they travelled back in time to study the nature and type of volcanic activity was involved in shaping Arthurs Seat. They learnt the names for all the different parts of a volcano and were able to identify the different features in the surrounding landscape. They discussed and studied the best place to be if a volcano was about to erupt and decided to be as far away as possible especially as one of the Rangers mixed some vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda to make a chemical reaction.
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Technologies Showcase at Innellan Primary

Innellan Tech Showcase 2Pupils from Toward, Innellan, St Muns and Dunoon, supported by Gary Clark and Steven Simpson have been learning how to write computer code. Dunoon has been using Lego WeDo and the other schools have been using Kudo. The progress and improvements in the pupils independent working and problem solving has been fantastic and the pupils over a period of a few weeks have managed to develop a wide range of simple to complex games.

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Innellan Primary School Wildlife Watch Group

Innellan PS Wildlife checkThe pupils at Innellan Primary School have received a ‘Level 4-Thriving It’s Your Neighbourhood Award’.
The School is continuing to develop an area of waste ground in order to attract as wide a variety of wildlife as possible. Members of the community help the children with growing seeds and planting, and the children get involved in environmental art, making it a fun and productive space.

Oh No They Didn’t, Oh Yes They Did!

St Muns Panto 1With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, the children of St. Mun’s were joined by Strone, Innellan and Toward Primaries and really got into the festive spirit when they were treated to The Rainbow Theatre Group’s pantomime production, ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

The traditional fairy tale was retold by the wonderful cast, who had their entire audience, laughing, booing and singing popular ‘chart’ hits from beginning to end.

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Sky Academy Skills with Toward and Innellan Primary Schools.

Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 1Sky Academy Skills Studio
On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Toward and Innellan Primary schools went to Sky Academy Skill Studio in Livingston to make a news report on Natural Disasters. We got to use green screens, professional cameras (worth £60,000) and wear costumes. There were four studios each working together to make a news report. There were eight roles in each studio – Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Camera operator, Reporter, Eyewitness, Expert and Editor.
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Beach Science – Innellan and Toward Primary Schools take the learning outdoors

Innellan and Toward Beach 1Through active learning, developing their problem solving skills and using relevant contexts the pupils at Innellan and Toward Primaries have been involved in a range of open-ended experiences and investigations which have generated new knowledge and greater understanding of the world in which they live.

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Save the Children & Dunoon Food Bank fundraising from Toward Primary and Innellan Primary Schools

To really set off the last few days of term pupils from both Toward & Innellan Primary Schools went along to sing some carols on Friday 12th December to the residents of Dalriada Grove, Innellan (Retirement/Sheltered housing). They were well received and as always were a credit to their schools. They wore Christmas jumpers that day and made £44 for “Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day Appeal”.

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Wildlife Watch Group at Innellan Primary

The Royal Horticultural Society and Keep Scotland Beautiful presented Innellan Primary pupils with a 2014 “It’s Your Neighbourhood Award of Level 4: Thriving”.  Councillor Mike Breslin presented the pupils with this prestigious award in recognition of their hard work in their school community.  Obtaining this award would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of Eleanor Stevenson and Vicky Walkingshaw who worked tirelessly with the children.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

Innellan Primary Health Week

Week beginning 13th May saw the start of Innellan Primary School’s Health Week. This was to be a week of very exciting opportunities and a chance to learn about health matters.
On Monday 13th May the pupils all went to The Velvet Path Trekking Centre. The children all got the chance to ride a pony and had a tour of the Centre.
Tuesday 14th May saw the pupils learning about Golf!
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Snakes and Lizards

On Wednesday 31st October, Lynn and Andrew Stirling very kindly brought in some reptilian pets for the children of Innellan Primary to see – two Bearded Dragons and two snakes.  The snakes are different breeds.  One is a Royal Python named Monty and the other is an Argentinean Rainbow Boa called Melgaia.  The children were amazed to see these exotic creatures.  Some of the staff did their best to be brave and the children were delighted to welcome such fascinating visitors. Continue reading Snakes and Lizards

Tree Felling at Innellan

On Tuesday we had the amazing experience of watching the Scottish and Southern Energy workmen cutting down a really big tree! We all walked along to watch while the tree surgeons scaled the trunk to cut all the branches before felling the tree. The tree made a very loud thud as it hit the ground. It was very exciting but a bit sad too because it had been there for a very long time and perhaps birds and animals had made their home in it. The tree was 26 metres high at least! We are going to measure out 26 metres in our playground to see if it would fit. Continue reading Tree Felling at Innellan

Innellan Gardening Club – 1st Birthday!

Innellan Gardening Club celebrated its First Birthday with a party and a beautifully made cake last Friday afternoon.  Family and friends joined staff and pupils to enjoy the cake and wish the Gardening Club many more happy years.   To date the children have grown delicious vegetables in pots and raised beds and have enhanced the appearance of the school grounds with beautiful flowers.  Last session they planted and nurtured lovely plants, which they used to fill large pots in the village for the enjoyment of the community.  A huge thank you to the children and helpers, Mrs Stephenson, Miss Stevenson and Mrs Walkingshaw, of Innellan Gardening Club, for all their hard work! Continue reading Innellan Gardening Club – 1st Birthday!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

On the 28th September pupils and staff from Innellan Primary welcomed everyone to their Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Nurses.  We were very happy to welcome so many people! 

Staff and parents had been busy making lots of lovely cakes to sell along with tea and coffee.  We also had a toys and book stall selling items donated by the children that they no longer wanted.  Everyone enjoyed the morning and many visitors brought cakes to take home with them.  All in all we raised an amazing £302.70 for the Macmillan Nurses!!  Thanks to everyone who supported our Coffee Morning.


The children were wide-eyed when a visitor bearing an Olympic Torch appeared in their classroom on Wednesday morning!  Lindsay Moss, who carried the torch in Inverness, very kindly offered to visit the children and allow them to be photographed carrying her Olympic Torch.  The children were absolutely thrilled.  Lindsay then took the time to answer the many questions that the children were desperate to ask.

Tubby Tess the Talking Ted

Pupils of Innellan Primary School were thrilled to see a visitor this week – a large, very friendly Bear has come to stay with us.  Tubby Tess the Talking Ted is really a bin and can actually talk whenever rubbish is deposited to encourage all children, even the big ones, to use him to keep the environment clean and tidy.

In time he will be sited at the edge of the playground just beside the right of way footpath through to the Forestry Road so all visitors to our area will be able to use him.  Grateful thanks to the South Cowal Community Council and Awards For All for purchasing this bear bin for us.

Recent Enterprise visits at Innellan Primary School

On Monday 18 June 2012 pupils at Innellan Primary School, as part of their Health & Wellbeing “National Smile Month” project activities, were delighted to welcome again our two dental nurses Fiona and Rhona from Dunoon Community Hospital. All P1 – P5 pupils were encouraged to participate in a mini drama session where they were allowed to dress up as a dentist or a dental nurse and carry out a mouth inspection using real dental tools. The excellent “Curriculum for Excellence” workshop concluded with all pupils receiving super “goody bags” which were very gratefully received. Continue reading Recent Enterprise visits at Innellan Primary School

Olympic Torch Relay Trip

On Friday 8th June as part of our Curriculum for Excellence project on Ancient Greece and the Olympics 10 pupils, 3 members of staff and 2 Parent Council Members from Innellan Primary School travelled to Port Glasgow to see part of the Olympic Torch Relay. A very exciting time was had by all as we stood patiently waiting for the historic torch to pass us. Organisers in Port Glasgow did themselves proud by providing music, free flags and safe cordoned off clear viewing areas. Pupils and staff were delighted to also receive free Bank of Scotland Olympic ribbon flags. A great day was completed when our very kind Parent Council Members bought us all a 99 ice cream cone, delicious! have a look at our photo………. Continue reading Olympic Torch Relay Trip

Great Outdoors – Innellan Primary School

Outdoor Learning has got off to a fantastic start this spring at Innellan Primary School. Our now well established After School Gardening Club organised by Miss Eleanor Stevenson, retired teacher, Mrs Vicki Walkingshaw, Parent Council Chairperson and Mrs Susan Stephenson, class teacher, are seeing the great benefits of all their hard work done during the winter months. Their raised beds of vegetables and spring flowers are providing an attractive display of vibrant colours around the playground. Continue reading Great Outdoors – Innellan Primary School