Sky Academy Skills with Toward and Innellan Primary Schools.

Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 1Sky Academy Skills Studio
On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 Toward and Innellan Primary schools went to Sky Academy Skill Studio in Livingston to make a news report on Natural Disasters. We got to use green screens, professional cameras (worth £60,000) and wear costumes. There were four studios each working together to make a news report. There were eight roles in each studio – Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Camera operator, Reporter, Eyewitness, Expert and Editor.

The experience was absolutely incredible for all the pupils from both schools, it made them think about their jobs in the future. The skills we used were Communication, Self-management, Teamwork, Problem solving and Creativity. We were all given a copy of our news report to take home. We thought it was the best school trip ever.
The pupils of Toward Primary & Innellan Primary Schools

Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 8Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 4Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 2Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 7Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 6Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 3Toward and Innellan Sky Academy 5

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  1. I used to go to Innelan Nurseray and i really miss it
    My dad owned the Royal Bar between 2002-5 hoping to come back for a visit when im in Dunnon

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