Friendship across the miles!

Minard PS Carla 2Calling all 9 year old children in Argyll!! Would you like to have a friend from another country? Lesley Goodwin,principal teacher at Minard Primary started writing to her friend Carla Perkins when she was 12 years old and this friendship has continued by snail mail, phone calls,texting and currently Facebook. On April 3rd 2015 Lesley travelled to Columbia, Kentucky, USA to finally meet up with her friend and her family.

During this trip Lesley visited Adair County Elementary School where she spent time with the teachers and children discussing and comparing the two schools and countries. The students asked a thousand questions and soon discovered their counterparts in Scotland lead lives very similar to their own. They are very keen to repeat the experience shared by Carla and Lesley and want penfriends of their own.

If you are interested please contact Mrs Lesley Goodwin via email ( or phone (886636) at Minard Primary to receive the name of a new ‘buddy’ and ideas to get you started on a lifelong friendship.

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  1. I had a penfriend in Germany who I went to visit when I was 18 and my sister had a French penfriend who we visited when she was 13. I have great memories of writing to my penfriend and then spending a holiday in each other’s homes.

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